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Capitol Hill Sit-in Protests Omar's Anti-Semitism

A sit-in to protest Rep. Ilhan Omar's vile anti-Semitism takes place today at the Capitol Hill office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pressure is ramping up on the Speaker to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, so if you haven't...

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Fox News Rebukes Show Host Over Sharia Law

Fox News rebuked show host "Judge Jeanine" Pirro Sunday after she asked an explosive question about America's most famous anti-Semite, Rep. Ilhan Omar. "We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro's comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar." Fox News declared....

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Democrats Dodge Omar's Anti-Semitism

After deliberating for almost a week, the Nancy Pelosi-led House Democrats passed a seven-page denunciation of "hate" Thursday without once mentioning the anti-Semite in their midst: Rep. Ilhan Omar. But even if the House had condemned...

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Trump Gives Netanyahu "Thumbs Up"

I want to give you   one last chance to sign our notes of support  before we rush them off to Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump. If you've already signed -- THANKS! It's quick and easy to invite a friend to sig n...

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Netanyahu Fights Back

Prime Minister Netanyahu issued an impassioned response yesterday to the criminal charges levied against him by Israel's Attorney General. I share highlights below. And, if you haven't already done so, please sign our note of support to the...

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"Political Hit Job" Targets Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu today blasted what he called a "political hit job," calling just-announced bribery and breach of trust charges against him a "house of cards" that will collapse. See my important update below and stand in prayer...

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Witch hunts target Netanyahu & Trump

Like President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is facing a political witch hunt - one that could drive "Bibi" from office and dramatically change Israel's national direction. That's why I'm inviting you to sign two special...

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UN Slams Israel with Absurd Charge

The UN did today what it does best: condemn Israel. This time over the Golan Heights. The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) accused Israel of depositing radioactive nuclear waste in the Golan Height s--the strategic highlands that stretch...

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Top Democrats--and Bible--Agree on Golan

This might surprise you. Two top Democrats support Israel's claim to the strategic Golan Heights--and so does the Bible. I'll get to Scripture in just a minute...

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Syria Talks Tough to Israel

You’ll  be amazed to learn the U.S. is on Syria’s side when it comes to the Golan Heights—a strip of rocky highlands crucial to Israel’s survival. Which is why I’m asking you to join me in ...

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