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PLO to Set Up Shop in Washington, DC

Biden's plan for the Middle East has been revealed, and it's a recipe for terror. Read on to learn the latest, but first take a moment to fax Congress and tell them NO FUNDING FOR PALESTINIAN TERROR ! Simply select here or the button...

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Iranian Ship Attacked

An Iranian ship has been attacked by at least one limpet mine in the Red Sea...and the Biden administration just threw Israel under the bus—again. But there is hope on the horizon. Read on. - Mat

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Biden's Middle East Plan Revealed—It's Not Good...

An alarming internal State Department memo reveals extreme danger ahead for Israel—and Joe Biden wants to pay for it with your tax dollars. Read on. - Mat

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Unbelievable—Another Anti-Israel Biden Pick

Joe Biden appears determined to build the most anti-Israel cabinet in U.S. history. And now these forces are pushing to start sending YOUR hard-earned tax dollars to Palestinian terrorists. Read on. —Mat Tell Congress—NO...

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Israel Preparing to Defend Itself—Alone...

Joe Biden’s warm embrace of Iran stands in stark contrast to the cold shoulder he is giving Israel. Whispers are growing in Washington, D.C., and around the world that the Biden administration might as well be called “Obama’s...

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Iran's Singular Goal: The Bomb...

Joe Biden is putting the Middle East on a path to war. He is distancing the U.S. from Israel while pursuing a renewed nuclear deal with Iran—a move that will give the world’s foremost terror state the nuclear arsenal it seeks in...

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Biden to Announce Iran Deal As Soon as This Week

The White House has leaked plans for an Iran Deal announcement as early as this week. See why 120 members of the House of Representatives sent an emergency letter to Joe Biden. But first, take a moment to fax Congress right now! Tell them...

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Your Tax Dollars Paying Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority has long used foreign aid to pay terrorists. But there are even more reasons not to fund the PA. Read on to learn the latest, but first take a moment to fax Congress. Tell them DON’T FUND TERROR – NO...

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No Tax Dollars to Fund Terrorists

Joe Biden wants to send your hard-earned tax dollars to fund the Palestinian Authority—who, in turn, will use that money to fund terror. There is little time to stop Biden's devious anti-Israel funding plan. Please, take a moment right...

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Biden Puts US-Israel Relations on Ice

Pro-Israel Christians are crucial to continued U.S. support for Israel. America’s Bible belt has been called Israel’s security belt. But right now, our voice needs to be heard. The new Biden administration is turning back the clock...

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