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Biden Using Your Taxes for "Pay to Slay"

Joe Biden is lavishing millions in U.S. taxpayer dollars on the Palestinian Authority (PA). But the Palestinians, in turn, lavish millions—some 341 million dollars annually—on terrorists and their families who have maimed and...

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Biden Makes You Pay for Jihadi Killings

Joe Biden keeps blathering about his dream of a two-state solution where everyone in the Middle East lives in peace and security. But “peace” is the last thing that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants, and Biden’s plan is...

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Biden's End-Time Betrayal of Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid announced this week that Israel  will not  be party to the new Iran Deal that Joe Biden and his proxy negotiators from Russia have concocted. Biden is poised to fund Iran’s terror operations to...

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5 Billion Dollars Per Day for The Ayatollah

Seven billion dollars up front, plus 5 billion per day and an end to the nuclear inspections meant to keep Iran’s nuclear warhead program in check! That is the so-called “deal” Joe Biden appears to have cut with the Iranians....

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Biden Could Sneak Iran Deal Through In Just Days

European Union negotiators are reporting that an Iran Deal may be reached as early as this week! The White House has not released any details but leaks from the Middle East indicate that Joe Biden is giving the Ayatollah yet more concessions,...

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End-Times Antisemitism

It was Sabbath eve ... laughter was coming from within the lit-up home ... a baby boy had just been born. But terror invaded when a knife-wielding Palestinian gained entrance. See what happened and learn how YOUR tax dollars subsidize this...

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The Devil's Work In Palestine

Joe Biden is pushing for a Palestinian state, beginning with the division of Jerusalem. But it turns out that even the Palestinians do not like the Iran-controlled, Hamas-ruled Palestinian Authority (PA) warlords who enrich themselves while...

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Joe Biden Just Will Not Listen

Israeli Prime Minister Lapid and former Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Joe Biden. But the man in the Oval Office has refused to listen, even as the Holy Land tilted dangerously close to all-out NUCLEAR WAR. Read on to learn more of the...

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300 Million More Dollars for This Ploy

Biden smiles big, gives fist bumps, speaks warm words ... and slips Israel the knife. Learn more about this overt duplicity in today’s email, and what we must do now to protect the Jewish state from Joe Biden’s plans to divide it....

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The Palestinian Flag On the Beast

Joe Biden smiled big, gave fist bumps, spoke warm words ... and slipped Israel the knife. In today’s email, learn how it played out, and what we must do now to protect the Jewish state from Joe Biden’s plans to divide it. — Mat...

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