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Jerusalem Day and the Reunification of Israel

This week, all of Israel and Jews around the world will celebrate "Jerusalem Day" in commemoration of the reunification of the Holy City after the 6-day Arab-Israeli War of 1967. But Israeli unification is still an ongoing process.

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Dark Forces Destabilizing the Middle East

While the world is fixated on COVID-19, anti-Semitic world power brokers are moving behind the scenes to cripple the nation of Israel.

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A Prophetic Move for Israel

We are witnessing a tipping point of history . . . a landmark juncture in the Jewish people’s return to their ancient homeland. And I believe this is the next crucial step setting the stage for the climax of world history—and the...

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Study Shows 1918 Flu Restrictions Led to Nazi Germany

A new paper, authored by noted economist Kristian Blickle and published by the New York Federal Reserve on May 4, 2020, notes that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party were able to rise to power in large part because of the 1918 flu pandemic.

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NYC Mayor "Will Not Tolerate" Jewish Funerals

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio personally invaded a private Jewish funeral for the express purpose of threatening the Rabbis in attendance.  Anti-Semitism and anti-Christian activity are on the rise in America, but the mainstream media...

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Media Ignoring Critical Israeli COVID Research

Why is the media ignoring critical Israeli COVID-19 research?

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Tel Aviv University’s Groundbreaking COVID Discovery

A new Israeli study, silenced by the American media, shows the TRUE nature of COVID-19 – and what to do about it.

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Wrong Time to Lift Iran Sanctions

Iranian enablers in Congress are using COVID-19 as an excuse to end Iran Sanctions. Don't let Congress lift Iran Sanctions - select here to make your voice heard

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Fertility Goddess, Not God, Deemed "Essential"

A deeply disturbing thing happened yesterday, something about which the government perpetrator likely has little understanding.

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Will the Mandatory Badges be Yellow Stars?

Some very powerful people are demanding "mandatory" badges for easy identification.

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