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Biden Lifts Sanctions on Iran Nuke Producers

Joe Biden just lifted sanctions against two of Iran’s top nuclear producers! Read on to learn exactly what this means for Israel, and for the United States. The U.S. Senate needs to STOP JOE BIDEN NOW before a mushroom cloud forms...

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The Black Banner Prophecy of Islam

Islamic scholars (and many Muslim political leaders) say a Muhammadan “prophecy” is unfolding in this present day. Joe Biden’s move to divide Jerusalem plays right into their mad claims . Read on to learn more about this...

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The Most Contested Real Estate on Earth

Joe Biden’s ill-advised quest to divide Jerusalem, if not stopped soon, will reignite the Palestinian war on Israel. Worse, it is an offense to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Read on to learn the biblical truth about Zion ....

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Biden to Violate US and Israeli Law

Joe Biden intends to willfully violate both U.S. and Israeli law, undoing the solid framework for Middle East peace that President Donald Trump and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worked so diligently to establish. Read on for the...

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Biden's Gift to Palestinians

Joe Biden is preparing a shocking gift for the Palestinians—one that could light the fuse in the already volatile Middle East. Israel needs your prayer and support as never before to defend their nation from the anti-Israel policies of...

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Biden's Ungodly Plan for Jerusalem

Joe Biden is about to openly challenge God’s plan for His chosen people. What would have been unthinkable just a year ago is rapidly becoming a reality. I’ll explain below. — Mat STOP THE DIVISION OF JERUSALEM!...

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Biden Taking Huge Risk in Middle East

There's a Middle East powder keg ... one packed with explosives. It comes with a short fuse and Joe Biden is about to light it. Let me explain ... —Mat But first, don’t let Joe Biden DIVIDE Israel. Send a fax or sign our...

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Dividing Jerusalem: Biden's Latest Folly

Joe Biden is attempting to move forward with a plan that will DIVIDE Jerusalem, thus betraying our ally in the Middle East, Israel. Help us stop this misguided administration’s continuing assault on the Holy Land! Don’t let Joe...

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The Fight For An Undivided Jerusalem

Joe Biden is poised to make another massive blunder in the Middle East—one that will deeply offend and weaken Israel and fuel the Palestinian war on Israel. Don’t let Joe Biden divide Jerusalem ! Send a fax and sign our...

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Biden's Latest Fans And Supporters ... Hamas!

Our pro-Israel voice needs to be loud and strong right now . YOU can make a difference in defending the Holy Land against Biden’s dark pro-Iranian plans. Please, waste no time. Call upon the United States Senate NOW. Send a fax...

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