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Banning the Unvaccinated From Public Places

A new plan is being pushed that will BAN PEOPLE IN ISRAEL FROM GOING ANYWHERE IN PUBLIC if they refuse the vaccine. Already, other countries are beginning to adopt Israel’s extreme COVID bans. And what Israel does today, the world,...

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Iran's Demand Not Met—What's Next?

Iran warned the world they would kick every U.N. nuclear inspector out of the country if the Ayatollah’s outrageous demands were not met. What America does next will likely decide whether or not Iran will race toward the start of World...

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Shah of Iran's Son Warns: No New Iran Deal

Former Iranian Crown Prince and son of the late Shah of Iran says a return to the Obama-Biden Iran Deal is a deadly mistake. Read on to learn why even the Iranian people are disturbed by Joe Biden's appeasement of the Ayatollah. We MUST send...

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Only You Can Stop the Iran Deal

Joe Biden has picked yet another Israel hater for his national security team. Now, the only thing standing between Biden and a return to the Iran Deal is the United States Senate. We must now push with all our might to protect Israel. Read on....

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No More Appeasement for Iran

A deep chill is entering the U.S.-Israeli relationship. And it's putting Israel at risk. The reason? Joe Biden. He is openly snubbing our nation's closest ally in the Middle East. And he's "cozying up to enemies like Iran," as former U.S....

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Iran Caught with Key Part of Nuclear Bomb

Joe Biden took office and Iran now feels encouraged to produce uranium metal – the key ingredient for a nuclear warhead. Read on to learn what we must do now to help stop the annihilation of Israel. – Mat Christians in Defense...

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No Shopping, No Worship Without the Shot

Forget about buying your groceries in Israel if you don’t get the rushed COVID vaccine. Israel’s vaccine plan isn’t technically a mandate, but in some places, it is becoming a mandate. Read on. – Mat

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Iran Outfoxes Biden on Nukes

Iran just got busted with radioactive nuclear material, indicating the Iranians have moved past atomic energy and are focused on a nuclear bomb. But Joe Biden still wants to play nice with the genocidal mullahs of Iran. Read on to learn the...

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Biden Hasn't called Bibi -- Here's Why...

Joe Biden still hasn’t called Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of our greatest Middle East ally. Now, the Holy Land is preparing for war. Read on. - Mat

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Israeli Embassy Bombed Over "Iranian Martyrs"

An Israeli Embassy was bombed last Friday. A note left at the scene claimed revenge for Iranian martyrs and delivered a deadly warning: “We can end your life, anytime, anywhere.” But Joe Biden wants to return to the...

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