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Bibi's Lesson

If he squeaks out a win Tuesday when Israelis go to the polls, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promising something politically impossible just a few years ago. And something that may stem from his encounter two decades ago with a...

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Netanyahu Surprise, Historic Announcement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stunned Israeli voters Wednesday. He announced he intends to apply Israeli sovereignty over parts of the "West Bank" — if they return him to office next Tuesday. Netanyahu is proposing a huge...

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God Promised Abraham the "West Bank?"

This will surprise you. It startled me when I first learned it. And it bears directly on prospects for peace in the Middle East. It’s why I’m urging good friends of Israel like you, to join me in sending a historic...

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Trump's Peace Plan Needs This to Succeed

The Israeli/Arab conflict is more than a century old—it predates the birth of modern Israel itself. But there's one step President Trump can and must take to drive prospects for peace skyward. You'll be surprised at what...

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Iran Issues Vile New Threat

In its latest effort at "nuclear blackmail" Iran issued a vile new threat today. See details below and join me in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. Your gift now will help us stand with Israel now as Middle East tensions soar . -Mat

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Prophecy Unfolding

Because you’re a good friend and you love Israel, I wanted to send you this note. August ends today and we’re still behind on budget. Please consider a gift now to help us close the gap and do even more to fight for Israel in the...

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Meeting "Bibi"

One major reason for CIDI’s very existence is a meeting I had eight years ago with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I'd like to share what happened below. And because you're someone with a heart for the Jewish state, I wanted...

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Bernie Sanders: Cut Aid to "Racist" Israel

I’m about to rush our crucial “Don’t Cut U.S. Aid to Israel!” petition to Washington. Thousands have already signed. If you haven’t already done so, please act now . And because Israel is under...

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Israel strikes first—stops Iranian attack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it " a perfect IDF operational and intelligence effort. " Late Saturday, Israel hit Iranian forces inside Syria, stopping an imminent "killer drones" attack on the Jewish state.

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Trump Unloads On Omar, Tlaib

President Donald Trump attacked Congresswoman Ilhan Omar yesterday. "Rep. Tlaib wants to cut off aid to Israel," he tweeted. "This is the face of the Democrat Party?" Trump's blast came after Tlaib joined fellow Muslim, Rep. Ilhan Omar in...

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