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Biden Tried to Silence Bibi

The Biden administration tried to silence Bibi Netanyahu. What Bibi did next is priceless, but we have work to do if we are to prevent Joe Biden from destroying Israel. Read on. — Mat But first, send a fax and sign the...

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They Were Silent in the 1930s—Speak Up Now

Certain members of Congress are ramping up antisemitic lies in the wake of Hamas’ 11-day bombing campaign, effectively blaming the victims for actions that killed innocent Israeli women and children. Read on for the news, but first demand...

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This Is What Happens When We Don't Stand

Anti-Jewish hatred is on the rise, even after Israel was unjustly attacked by Hamas. Read on for the news, but first demand the Senate stand with Israel NOW! — Mat

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Not One More Dime for Terror

The Middle East is holding its breath, waiting to see just how far Joe Biden will go to appease Iran. But we must demand that the U.S. Senate put a stop to Biden's dangerous Middle East policy. Read on. - Mat Send a clear and...

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Iran Restocking Hamas’ Rockets With Your Tax Money

Is Joe Biden helping restock Hamas' arsenal? Just days ago, Hamas hurled 4,300 rockets down on innocent Israeli civilians. But that's not stopping Biden from wanting to send hundreds of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars to the...

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Biden's Anti-Israel Policies Must Be Stopped

Joe Biden is dismantling America's foreign policy in the Middle East. First abandoning Israel, then embracing Iran ... now Biden is backing away from the highly successful Abraham Accords! Israel is at great risk. We must demand that the U.S....

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They’re Lying About Israel Again

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and their anti-Israel cohorts on Capitol Hill are pushing Joe Biden to be even harsher against Israel as they seek to empower Hamas via a new Iran Deal. Don't let Joe Biden sign another dangerous Iran Deal!...

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Never Again—Not On Our Watch

Despite the more than 4,000 Iran-backed rockets Hamas just hurled at Israel, Joe Biden continues his quest to empower Iran. Help us stop Joe Biden’s demolition of the Middle East and Israel by demanding the U.S. Senate Stand with...

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Money for the Palestinians?

The Biden/Obama Palestinian money funneled through Iran banks just landed in Israel via 4,000 shrapnel-filled rockets. Imagine what Iran would do if it had a nuclear weapon. Unlike the cold war between the USSR and the USA where neither wanted...

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Biden Abandons Abraham Accords

Joe Biden is backing away from the Abraham Accords and leaving Israel at even greater risk. Read on to learn the latest. But first, take a moment to fax Congress. We must move to protect Israel from Joe Biden! Send your fax now—STAND...

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