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Iran Threatens Trump with DEATH

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care that the Iranian government’s own terror team is actively trying to assassinate former President Trump and other U.S. officials. Instead, Biden is ready to capitulate to the ayatollah’s demands to...

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Biden's Intifada

If the staffing of an administration is the best expression of its policies, intifada is Biden’s plan for the Holy Land. Today we take a deeper look into yet another anti-Israel Biden appointee working toward a “Two-State...

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What Kind of “Friend” Does This?

Biden’s secretary of state continues to blame the victim for the Palestinians’ continued attacks. Now Biden is enacting a plan to DIVIDE the Holy City of Jerusalem. Read on to learn what we can do together to stop him. — Mat...

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Zechariah 8:7-8 and Joe Biden

Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of the state of Israel. That’s nonnegotiable for Israel ... and for God. But Joe Biden is trying to divide the Holy City, giving half to a group already at war with Israel. Read on to learn...

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Biden at War with God?

Joe Biden’s ambassador to Israel is openly on the side of Israel’s enemies. Now that influence is being used to DIVIDE JERUSALEM. Read on to learn what you and I can do about it. — Mat Defend Israel from Biden’s...

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Biden Aims to Negate God's Promise

Israel has a land deed granted by God Himself. But Joe Biden thinks he has the authority to revoke what God granted, and now the man occupying the White House wants to divide Jerusalem! Read on to learn what you and I can do about it....

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Waging War on the Jewish State

Joe Biden is REWARDING Israel’s enemies ... and stabbing the Jewish state in the back with a dagger designed to rend the Holy Land in two, effectively eliminating Israel. Read on. — Mat Defend Israel from Biden’s...

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Biden's Middle East "Solution": Divide Jerusalem

Jews danced in the streets of Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948, after Israeli independence was declared. But the celebrations were short-lived. Five Arab nations quickly attacked in an all-out campaign to destroy the infant nation. But in miraculous...

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Biden's Catastrophic Plan for Israel

Seventy-four years after Israel’s miraculous rebirth, Islamist enemies still wage war on Israel ... and Joe Biden is aiding and abetting their cause ! Read on to learn about the plan to divide Jerusalem and destroy Israel. — Mat...

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Iran Continues Death Threats Against US Officials

Iran is the party making all the demands in Joe Biden’s pursuit of a nuclear “deal” with the terrorist nation. Now, Iran is refusing to revoke its “fatwa” (Islamic sentence of death) against several U.S. government...

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