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Ending the Evil of Palestine's Child Jihadis

A fifth-grade textbook teaches that jihad is one of the most meaningful things a person can do with their life. But sunlight is the best cleanser for such evil, and we have a plan. Read on. —Mat Help Christians in Defense of Israel...

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Iran Ramps Up Nuke Production As Talks Begin

Just one day after the latest “Iran talks” began, the mullahs in Tehran thumbed their noses at the world—enriching uranium to a weapons-grade level of 20%! Read on to learn what IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)...

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Iran Talks Begin Yet Again

“Iran talks” reopened this week, and Joe Biden’s “negotiators” are giving away the farm as the ayatollah fills his coffers and builds his nuclear capability. Read on to learn what’s next and what YOU can do...

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What Will Biden Give Away to Iran This Time?

The so-called Iran talks lurched to a new start Monday with Joe Biden’s anti-Israel, Palestine apologist Robert Malley leading. But Malley started conceding defeat even before the talks began. Read on to learn what is next and what YOU can...

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Biden's Iran Sympathizers

Biden’s man leading the “Iran talks” is a sympathizer of the mullahs in Tehran with “animus” against Israel. That puts Israel at grave risk and could lead to war. See the frightening details below. —Mat...

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Biden's Envoy Cheerleading for Iran!

Joe Biden’s envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, is anything but a tough negotiator. And now his actions are enriching and empowering Iran as never before. Read on. — Mat Tell the Senate to Enforce the Iran Sanctions! Sign our...

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Biden Selling Out Israel

JOE BIDEN IS SELLING OUT ISRAEL . And he is using a notorious Iran sympathizer to do it— which is why the Jewish state is getting ready for war. Read on for the alarming details . —Mat Tell the Senate to Enforce the Iran...

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The Muslim Anti-Messiah

Israel’s future is incredibly bright , but right now it is filled with struggle and extraordinary danger. Ever since Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran's despotic leaders have...

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Israel Will Not Wait

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has issued a stern warning in the face of Joe Biden’s feckless attempts to appease the Iranian ayatollah. But will Biden listen? Read on to learn what we can do RIGHT NOW to help Israel overcome...

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Biden Team Appeases Iran, Insults Israel

Amazingly, Joe Biden’s Israel-endangering administration continues to appease the ayatollah even as Iran makes progress in building a nuclear weapon. The U.S. Senate must  STOP JOE BIDEN NOW  before a mushroom cloud...

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