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Israel Under Attack Again

Several months ago, I began warning that Israel haters would be emboldened by Joe Biden’s appeasement of Iran and his pro-Palestine cabinet and foreign policy. Sadly, that warning has come to fruition, and it is not just impacting Israel,...

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Request to Release and "Repatriate" Terrorists

Reps. Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar have now led 73 of their fellow Democrats to support Joe Biden’s mad plan to close Guantanamo Bay—even as the very terrorists Biden freed before are now driving U.S. tanks, flying U.S. helicopters and...

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One Month to "Nuclear Breakout," Says Agency

Iran is just one month away from a ”nuclear breakout,” according to a report released Monday by the Institute for Science and International Security. But the Biden administration insists it isn’t so. The U.S. Senate...

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They Were Warned

Our own intelligence analysts tried to warn Obama and Biden about the dangerous man they were releasing from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Now that man is leading the Taliban forces slaughtering innocent women and children in...

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FBI's Most Wanted Now Running Afghanistan

A member of the FBI’s Most Wanted list has a new title—interior minister for the newly formed “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” terror regime. His former title and place of service was “Detainee, Guantanamo Bay...

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Arming Our Enemies

The Jewish high holidays are underway. But as Israel celebrates the Jewish New Year of 5782, Joe Biden appears to be working overtime against the beleaguered country. We must now demand the U.S. Senate take a strong stand FOR Israel by...

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Getting Close to the Bomb and Now They Have Our Tanks

Rogue terror state Iran is now just a few short weeks away from having a nuclear bomb, but Joe Biden is still begging “the Iranian Hitler” for a deal. Meanwhile, the Taliban is busy delivering much of their haul of the U.S. tanks...

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Joe's Clueless Middle East Policy

The same “ship of fools” that ran U.S. strategic interests aground in Afghanistan are at the wheel when it comes to Iran ... and the rocks are just ahead. Joe Biden is playing a dangerous game, but we can stop his disastrous Middle...

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Israeli PM Meets With "Cut and Run" Joe

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett met with Joe Biden Friday, in hopes of preventing a nuclear war in the Middle East. But Biden continues to release jihadi prisoners, enable Taliban terrorists and appease the ayatollah. Israel is in...

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Kabul Burns Under Biden's Released Jihadi

While Kabul burns at the hands of freed Guantanamo Bay prisoner Khairullah Khairkhwa, now perched atop the new Afghan government, Joe Biden seeks to release every prisoner still detained at the military prison. If Biden succeeds, the Middle...

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