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Defending Historical FACT

There is a movement building to defend the true history of the Bible, especially as it pertains to the historical and present land of Israel. I pray that YOU will be a part of it. It starts with demanding the U.S. government STOP using a name...

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Now They're Moving Beyond Universities

The anti-Israel protesters have expanded their scope. No longer content to tear up college campuses, these lawless pro-Hamas hirelings are threatening even hotels and towns that dare reference Israel. IT'S NOT ENOUGH to have a handful of...

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"What's next - a moment of silence for Hitler?"

Israel’s enemies are falling like a lumberjack fells a forest of dying trees. “Just open your eyes and see how the wicked are punished,” says Psalm 91:8. But Joe Biden is blatantly ignoring God’s obvious...

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Genesis, Jehoshaphat, and Raisi's Helicopter Crash

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian just found out the hard way that God always delivers on His promises, including the one in Genesis 12:3.

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Biden Effectively Ends US-Israel Alliance!

Just 48 hours after Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, Joe Biden told CNN he was cutting aid to Israel. Without U.S. support, Israel stands alone before a host of proxy enemies funded and trained by the Iranian regime Biden has empowered. We...

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Joe Biden cuts off vital munitions pledged to Israel, just as the Jewish state enters Rafah to wipe out Hamas — effectively ENDING the U.S.-Israel alliance. Now Israel stands alone in its war for national survival. We must compel Congress...

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Part 4: Muslim Brotherhood Funds US Universities

An extremely wealthy Arab nation, which also funds Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, has poured BILLIONS of dollars into American universities. Perhaps that’s the REAL reason university presidents are refusing to shut down the pro-Hamas...

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PART 2 - Who is funding this hate?

T oday is Holocaust Remembrance Day — a time to reflect on the genocide of the Jewish people at the hand of the Nazis, as well as the Muslim nations that gleefully joined the Gestapo in efforts to eradicate the Jewish people. Today is...

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Abbas' Outrageous Lie At The UN

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas uttered an outrageous lie while addressing the United Nations. He should have been laughed out of the building. Instead, the U.S. government is using language that substantiates Abbas’ attempt...

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We're Exposing Who Is REALLY Behind The Protests

The videos of the “pro-Palestine” protests tearing apart universities from coast to coast have a striking similarity. There are Hamas scarfs, Palestinian flags, new blue pup tents, power tools, and stacks of crisp new plywood with...

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Biden maniacally tries to oust Bibi!

Joe Biden is feverishly working to oust Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and is standing in the way of total Israeli victory against Hamas. Read on to see what’s happening. — Mat

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We Must Not Return To 1938

University protesters are openly calling for Jews to DIE. Two videos of Columbia student leaders have gone viral. One declares, “We are ALL Hamas,” while the other openly calls for the death of Benjamin Netanyahu and all...

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