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Stop Protecting Iran!

Early Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett declared that Trump’s plan to push back Iran is working; so why do Democrats want to stop it?

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Democrats' Valentine to Iran

On the very day an Iranian Revolutionary Guard General threatened to ‘hit’ America and Israel, House & Senate Democrats schemed to enable Iran.

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Sen. Graham Accuses 3 Republicans of Treason

URGENT UPDATE! IRAN VOTE WILL HAPPEN TODAY ! Three Treasonous Republicans? South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham stopped just short of accusing three Republicans of treason for joining Democrats in their attempt to stop President...

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Libertarians Enabling Iran

WAR POWERS & IRAN VOTES THIS WEEK! Fresh off their impeachment debacle, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are trying to pass a bill that will prevent President Trump and the US military from...

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The Clintons Are at It Again

Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over the campaign to divide & destroy Israel. Don’t you find it curious that in the only two countries ever founded on the word of God, (Israel and the United States),...

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Not 1 More Life Lost to Iran

Call it Pelosi & Schumer's revenge, but Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and fellow disgraced Democrats are dead set on taking a chink out of President Trump's armor any way they can – even if it means endangering the lives of our...

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Palestinians Respond with Violence...

As we predicted, the Palestinian response, upon being given the roadmap to the "state" they claim they have always desired, was to react with violence.

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The Trump Peace Plan's Fatal Flaw

Unfortunately, President Trump’s Middle East Plan will not likely result in peace, because the Palestinian Authority and Hamas will not accept Israel’s right to exist. For that to change the Palestinian population would have to rise...

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Palestinians Declare "Open Season" on Americans

If ever one needed further evidence that the Palestinians will never, ever co-exist with Israel and why a two-state solution will not work, one need only to look at what is happening in the Holy Land right now in the wake of President Trump's new...

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Incredibly Dangerous New Legislation Empowers Iran

" You've taken out the most dangerous terrorist on the planet "; that is exactly what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Trump in a joint press conference Monday. Yet House Democrats want to STOP Trump from ever...

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