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YOU Helped Force BLM to Retreat

This week, Patrisse Cullors quietly updated BLM’s website, hiding much of the damning information we have brought to light about the organization’s anti-Semitic, violently destructive agenda. But the internet never forgets and...

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BLM Funder Exposed—the CCP!

It turns out the Chinese Communist Party is one of BLM’s funders – and the radical group’s leaders aren’t even bothering to hide it. Read on to learn what we can do to stop the Marxist, anti-Semitic scourge infecting...

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The Historic Event You Helped Come to Pass

Your faithful support of CIDI’s core mission has brought great dividends! I was humbled and proud to be invited to the signing of the Abraham Accords at the White House Tuesday, bringing hope and peace to the Middle East. I was...

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BLM Founder Occult Ritual on Video

BLM founder Patrisse Cullors released video of occult ritual saying she wants to abolish police while she curses them. Meanwhile 400 cops have been injured and 40 dead since BLM and Antifa began their “Days of Rage.” But WE CAN stop...

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BLM Founder Reveals What Drives the Agenda

It turns out BLM has a religion after all, according to founder Patrisse Cullors. And it's one the Bible specifically calls "detestable to the Lord" – black magic, complete with spells, hexes and necromancy. Read on to learn exactly what...

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The DOJ Is On to Anti-Semitic BLM...

I have excellent news regarding the Marxist attempt to take over America. Read on to learn how YOU are helping put a stop to the riots tearing America apart. -Mat

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Who Is Behind the Burning of America

American cities are burning at the hands of an avowed Marxist organization fueled by anti-Semitic hate. Read on to find out who is funding America’s destruction and what we can do about it. – Mat

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The New Religion of BLM

In embracing Marxism, BLM has chosen for itself a religion of secular humanism – and now they want to impose that godless religion on extortion and force. Read on to learn what we can do to stop this scourge, together. -Mat...

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BLM Turns to Extortion—Big Business Pays Up

Yet MORE major corporations have announced BILLIONS in gifts to anti-Semitic hate groups terrorizing Jews in America and abroad. Read on to learn just who is funding this generation’s pogroms, and what we can do together to stop it....

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Giving Away God's Promise

GOD Himself gave Israel to the Israelites. Now it appears that new “land for peace” agreements may prevent Judea and Samaria from finally returning to Israeli sovereignty. Read on to learn what we can do to ensure God’s...

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