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Anti-Semitic Socialists Running the Democratic Party

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her anti-Semitic “squad” now run the House floor, says one leading congressman. Read on to learn how this will affect Israel in 2021 and beyond. Defend Israel NOW as God’s chosen people enter...

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Israel Foils Iranian Attack Just Hours Before US Envoy Arrives

Iranian forces carefully prepared an attack on Israel – and potentially US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - from the sands of Syria this week. Read on to learn more about this breaking news . -Mat Stand Firm Mr. President! Sign...

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Cuomo Dragged to SCOTUS for Targeting Synagogues

A group of Orthodox New York Jews has filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, alleging that NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is illegally targeting and discriminating against Jewish synagogues. Read on to learn more . -Mat Tell Cuomo to STOP TARGETING JEWS...

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Iran Escalates Tension in the Middle East

Iran is escalating tensions in the Middle East. Their ultimate target, of course, is Israel. Will the Abraham Accords hold, or will Israel be surrounded by enemies once again? Read on. -Mat Stand Firm Mr. President! Sign our letter...

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Palestinian Authority Celebrates Biden's Plan to Destroy the Peace Deal

Joe Biden’s attempt to convince America that HE, not Donald J. Trump, is now in charge is extremely dangerous to Middle East foreign policy. Read on. -Mat Stand Firm Mr. President! Sign our letter to President Trump NOW! - Select...

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Maduro, Castro, and BLM

More information is coming out about the radical revolutionaries running the BLM organization. This information sheds new light on the self-described "trained Marxists" at BLM...and how they intend to use that training. Read on . - Mat...

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NY-Generated Anti-Semitism Spreads

Tell Cuomo & de Blasio to STOP INCITING HATE against Jews!

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More Attacks on New York's Jews

After months of inciting hate against Jews, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s actions have now resulted in more assaults on Jews and Jewish worship. Read on. -Mat Tell Cuomo & de Blasio to STOP...

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Jews for Trump Parade Attacked in NY

A sizeable “Jews For Trump” parade through New York City was mercilessly attacked last Sunday, no surprise considering Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s continual blaming of Jews for the state’s COVID...

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Pogroms for NYC Jews?

NYC Police raided an Orthodox Jewish home this week because the officers felt there were “too many people inside.” NYC is beginning to resemble Tsarist Russia during the anti-Jewish pogroms. Read on to learn about this disturbing...

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