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"Deep State" Attacks Bibi, Trump

You and I have watched America’s deep state savage President Donald Trump over the last three years. It’s been brutal, but thankfully their attacks have done little. Despite the Russia hoax and the impeachment witch hunt, the...

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Bibi Indicted - Let Him Know You're Praying

Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, was indicted today in three cases alleging fraud, breach of trust and bribery. Netanyahu called the shocking action “an attempted coup against a...

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U.S. Sends Israel a Surprise Gift

The movement to boycott Israel—known as BDS, for boycott, divest and sanction—is an anti-Semitic global campaign with terrorists in its ranks . I give details below. At its heart, BDS is working to erase Israel from the map ....

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WRONG Time to Bash Israel

Talk about bad timing. Just as Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired some 450 shrapnel-loaded explosive rockets at Israeli civilians , the European Union made its unhappiness known . . . with Israel.

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Gaza Rockets Target Israeli Civilians

Sirens wailed across Israel today as Muslim terrorists in Gaza fired 200 rockets into Israel. Schools were closed and businesses shuttered as the indiscriminate onslaught forced Israeli civilians to run into bomb shelters and safe rooms.

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This Makes Iran Smile

Israel is bracing for war with Iran's radical Islamic rulers. And at the same time, radicals in both Israel and the U.S. are targeting security hawks Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump for removal. They want...

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Impeachment Farce Hits New Low

You and I witnessed firsthand today just how grim and determined Democrats are in their bid to remove President Donald Trump from office. It doesn’t matter that 63 million Americans elected him to office. Instead, pure political...

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Bernie Sanders Bashes Trump, Bibi

Socialist Bernie Sanders has praised communist dictator Fidel Castro, but he dumped scorn this week on President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “One is going to be impeached, the other one may end up...

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Furious Leftists Target Trump and Bibi

The drumbeat for impeachment is growing louder on Capitol Hill as Democrats continue their closed-door (but selectively leaked) hearing into President Donald Trump’s alleged “quid pro quo” with Ukraine. He calls it a...

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Glimmer of Hope in Syria

We’re about to send our “Reverse Course, Mr. President” petition to the White House. If you haven’t already signed it, you can still do so now. But today is your last opportunity. It goes to the White House...

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