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Stop BLM's Attacks on Jews

Formed from the ranks of the ultra-radical Nation of Islam, Black Panthers and Dream Catchers movements, BLM is spewing the same sick anti-Semitic lies that Marxists have repeated for many decades. Now, they are attacking synagogues right here...

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Omar's Minneapolis Looks More Like Mogadishu

A shocking new video shows Ilhan Omar’s home city of Minneapolis is still on fire, some 50 days after Marxist riots began there. Will Omar turn America into Somalia as many have warned she aims to do? Read on to learn more about what we...

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Condemn Ilhan Omar's Marxist Attacks!

America rescued Rep. Ilhan Omar from Somalia's unspeakable poverty and violence. Yet Omar just called for the entire American system to be "dismantled." Read on to learn what we can do to stop Omar's vicious, Marxist attacks on America. -Mat...

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Rep. Ilhan Omar's Vicious Remarks Must Be Condemned!

A member of the United States House of Representatives is openly calling for the dismantling of America, even as she feeds the vicious anti-Semitism spreading among revolutionaries and rioters tearing America apart. Read on to learn what we can...

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The Growing Push to Thwart Israeli Sovereignty

President Trump has done many things to help the Israeli people. But the sudden silence on the part of the White House on Israeli sovereignty is causing concern. Now, the Jewish people living in Israel's biblical homeland of Judea and Samaria...

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EU Joins Arabs in Opposing Israeli Sovereignty

Judea and Samaria were scheduled to be protected by Israeli sovereignty on July 1. Twenty days later, the long-awaited annexation has not happened, and the White House appears to be vacillating in its support. But hope that these elements of...

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De Blasio Says Protests, Not Synagogues, Have "Profound Meaning"

The mayor of the largest Jewish population center in the country is defending his strong restrictions on synagogues and churches but is giving a pass to the often-violent New York City BLM protests. He says the protests are permissible without...

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BLM Launches Pogrom Against Jews

At least five Los Angeles area synagogues, three Jewish schools and nearly every local Jewish business was vandalized, looted and/or destroyed by BLM "protestors" screaming "******* Jews."

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BDS Joins BLM to Destroy Israel

Anti-Israel jihad support groups have joined Marxist BLM agitators across America and around the world, marrying anti-Semitic hatred to the Marxist anti-police and anti-American rhetoric and riots sweeping the U.S. Sign our letter to...

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Brooklyn Erupts in Anti-Semitic Hatred... Again

NYC Arab radicals celebrated police precinct and squad car burnings, chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America," on Brooklyn's city streets last week. Now this anti-Israel poison has spread like a cancer, even threatening the long-awaited...

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