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Israel Warns: Our Warplanes Reach Iran

Israel just put Joe Biden and Iran on notice, reminding the world that Israel’s warplanes can reach everywhere in the Middle East—including Iran. Israel WILL NOT allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb. Read on for the news, but first sign...

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Iran Targets US Military Vessels

Joe Biden's Iran appeasement plan is empowering Iran to grow bolder, threatening not just Israel, but now American military vessels. Enough is enough!  Fax the Senate NOW and demand they STOP THE IRAN DEAL !  Then read on. -...

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Iran Attacks and Biden Hides

Israeli forces wasted no time in striking back against Iran's most recent attacks. But seeing weakness from Israel's U.S. ally, Iran continues to launch in an act of provocation. It's time to tell both Iran and Joe Biden: HANDS OFF...

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Israeli Nuclear Reactor Attacked

Syrian missiles, reportedly supplied by Iran, rained down on an Israeli facility Thursday as Joe Biden continues his Iranian appeasement campaign. Read on to learn what we must now do to protect Israel. — Mat

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Hands Off Israel

The situation in the Middle East has grown even more alarming! Just as Biden comes seeking a renewed deal with Iran, the radical Islamic regime mocks America by testing nuclear-capable ballistic missiles—the kind that can reach Israel...

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White House Dropping Iran Sanctions

With just one nuclear missile, Iran could do in six minutes what Hitler took years to do: murder millions of Jews. Yet Joe Biden is about to hand Iran the Bomb. We must not be silent. Never again! Read on. - Mat

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Iran and the PA Again Threaten Israel

As Joe Biden continues to back away from our strongest Middle East ally, Israel stands vulnerable. Thankfully, there is something we can do. Read on. - Mat

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Israel Must Not Retreat From the 1967 Borders

More details are emerging from Biden's Middle East policy plan ... and it's not good news. Read on to learn what Biden expects Israel to simply abandon. But first, take a moment to fax Congress so we can STOP this disastrous plan! - Mat...

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Israel Attacks Iran Nuke Facility

An Iranian nuclear facility is dark this morning after an attack, reportedly executed by Israeli agents. Israel WILL NOT allow Joe Biden to empower Iran's deadly nuclear agenda. Read on. - Mat Tell the Senate to STOP THE IRAN...

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PLO to Set Up Shop in Washington, DC

Biden's plan for the Middle East has been revealed, and it's a recipe for terror. Read on to learn the latest, but first take a moment to fax Congress and tell them NO FUNDING FOR PALESTINIAN TERROR ! Simply select here or the button...

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