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The Palestinian Flag On the Beast

Joe Biden smiled big, gave fist bumps, spoke warm words ... and slipped Israel the knife. In today’s email, learn how it played out, and what we must do now to protect the Jewish state from Joe Biden’s plans to divide it. — Mat...

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Breaking: Iran Deal Negotiations End

The AP reported Monday that exasperated Iran Nuclear Deal negotiators in Vienna say they’ve done all they can and have prepared a “final text” for review by all parties, including the U.S. and Iran itself. It is unclear how...

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Why Is Biden Obsessed With Dividing Jerusalem?

In his latest scheme to divide Jerusalem, Joe Biden intends to name anti-Israel activist and top State Department diplomat Hady Amr to oversee his planned “Palestinian Consulate,” to the great detriment of Israel. But Congress can...

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Biden Backs Fake Palestinian Claim

Joe Biden wants to reopen a de facto embassy to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, and he is promoting anti-Israel radicals in his administration to help make it happen—which is why friends of Israel need to speak out now! Take action with...

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Biden Scheme to Roll Back Trump's Progress

Joe Biden wants to roll back Trump’s pro-Israel triumphs—to divide Jerusalem by making its the capital not just of Israel but of “Palestine,” too! Do not let him. Fax YOUR Do Not Let Biden Divide Jerusalem! demand...

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Biden's Plan to Divide Jerusalem Exposed!

Team Biden is staffed with enemies of Israel working day and night to undo President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel gains ... and hand Israel’s existential enemies an embassy in Jerusalem, Israel’s ancient capital. But Biden cannot...

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Biden's Twisted Plan for Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the heart of Israel. But Joe Biden is working to cut that heart in two, grotesquely crippling the Jewish state. Please take a moment to  fax Congress  and  sign our petition  demanding Congress stand for an...

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Biden's Brazen Scheme to Divide Jerusalem

Joe Biden is determined to divide Jerusalem—to make it the  shared  capital of Israel and “Palestine.” That’s abhorrent to Israelis and would divide the Holy City ... which is why you and I must act. Please...

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Biden's Stealth Plan to Divide Jerusalem

Joe Biden is determined to make Jerusalem the capital of “Palestine”—a cruel slap in Israel’s face and an undeserved gift to Israel’s enemies who spend millions on terror to kill Jews. Worse, meet the venomous enemy...

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Israeli PM Lapid Sternly Warns Biden

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid issued a stern warning to Joe Biden last week on what it will take to keep Iran’s nuclear ambitions from reaching fruition. But will Biden listen? Don’t hold your breath, but please read on. —...

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