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They’re at It Again

Iran just started enriching uranium ... again. The Middle East is on edge, and world leaders are worried. Read on for the latest, but first, take a moment to fax the Senate and DEMAND senators STOP THE IRAN DEAL ! -- Mat 

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The Emergence of the Mehdi and the New Deal

The "Butcher of Tehran" wants a nuclear bomb. Joe Biden is about to help him get one. But allies are coming forward who can help us stop the nuclear disaster the new president of Iran has planned for the Holy Land. Read on, but first take a...

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The Tyrants of Tehran Are At It Again

Instead of forcefully confronting Iran, the Biden team is working feverishly to ink a deal. And it's doing so despite shocking Iranian provocations. The recent 11-day war on Israel will look like a cakewalk compared to what a nuclear Iran will...

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Why Is He Enamored with Iran's New President?

Joe Biden is apparently greatly enamored with Iran's new president. But who is this leader serving under the ayatollah? Read on. But first, take a moment to fax the Senate and DEMAND they STOP THE IRAN DEAL! — Mat

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Biden is Embarrassing America

Joe Biden is almost begging Iran for a return to the nuclear deal ... even as the Israel-hating, genocidal regime ramps up its uranium enrichment and anoints the "Butcher of Tehran " as its new president. Read on, but first let the...

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Appeasing Evil Never Works

Joe Biden has adopted an agenda of appeasing evil famously deployed by Great Britain's Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. But the Jewish people are no longer friendless and defenseless as they were then! Read on to learn what you can do now to...

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Why Is Biden Desperate for a Deal?

Joe Biden is giving away the farm ... and putting Israel’s very existence at risk. Biden is desperate for a deal with the mullahs in Iran. Read on to learn why. But first, please prayerfully consider supporting our mission. CIDI...

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New Israeli PM Warns Joe: Wake Up!

Incoming Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett issued a stark warning this week. Read on for insight into the Holy Land’s new leader and what it means for Biden’s Iran Deal. But first, take a moment to fax the Senate. Demand every...

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Rewarding The Terrorists’ 11-day War . . .

Israel is still cleaning up the rubble and tending to the wounded from last month's Iran-funded 11-day war. But that didn't stop the Biden administration from continuing talks that will further empower Iran. If Joe Biden gets his way, Iran...

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Bibi Said NO WAY

When Joe Biden tried to get Bibi Netanyahu to moderate his defense of Israel in the recent 11-day war, the prime minister told him, "NO WAY!" Now, what will the U.S. Senate do? Read on to learn the latest on Biden's disastrous new plan for...

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