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"No Safe Place" for Israeli Jews

The head of Iran’s lethal Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has declared there will be “no safe place” in the world for Israeli Jews, as the Biden administration comes closer to inking a new nuclear deal with the...

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Are YOU Willing to Live with This?

Joe Biden is about to hand Israel’s worst foe a colossal windfall and a clear path to the most powerful and destructive weapons known to man. But he must get Congress to approve first, and that’s where WE come in. Israel is in...

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No Wonder They Won't Let Us See What's In the Deal

How bad is Joe Biden’s Iran Deal? Really, really bad. Read on to learn what is wrong with the “new” JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) agreement and what we must do now to stop it. — Mat Demand Congress...

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A Deal with the Devil

Iran is plotting to destroy Israel and America ... and is hatching plans to assassinate former U.S. officials—including President Donald Trump. But sleepy Joe ignores it all while giving Iran a gold-paved path to the Bomb. We cannot...

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Iran Deal Details Leaked

Joe Biden is about to give Israel’s greatest enemy everything they need to wipe the Jewish state from the face of the planet. Read on to learn the leaked details emerging about Joe Biden’s Israel-terminating Iran Deal and what we...

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Who Would Make A Deal with This Guy?

Joe Biden’s appeasement strategy knows no limits. To show you how far Joe—or those running his administration—will go in appeasing Iran to land a nuclear deal with the rogue Islamic regime, consider this: As I write, Biden is...

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Sane Policies Are Not His Forte

Iran’s state media threatened in August to use nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) to “turn New York into ruins and hell.” But that was not a deal-breaker for Joe Biden, who is ever eager to appease Iran...

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PM Says "Don't Test Us"

The ayatollah is poised to buy an entire wing of the latest fighter jets from Russia, and thanks to Joe Biden, he could have plenty of money to do it. Joe Biden is still planning on inking a new Iran Deal. If the U.S. Senate does not derail...

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Lies, Libels and Legends?

Joe Biden’s pro-Palestinian Authority (PA) policy is outrageous considering the PA’s commitment to Israel’s destruction. And the Taylor Force Act prohibits Biden from giving the Palestinians any aid until and unless they stop...

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Good For Nothing

Iran’s proxies are gearing up for war despite Joe Biden’s continued appeasement of the ayatollah. Sources say a new Iran Deal could happen any day. But Iran, via their proxies, is proving that the terror regime is not likely to stick...

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