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Fertility Goddess, Not God, Deemed "Essential"

A deeply disturbing thing happened yesterday, something about which the government perpetrator likely has little understanding.

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Will the Mandatory Badges be Yellow Stars?

Some very powerful people are demanding "mandatory" badges for easy identification.

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Can de Blasio Cancel Easter?

The most important week in both Jewish and Christian belief is almost upon us. Passover begins on the evening of April 8 through the evening of April 15, while Holy Week begins this Palm Sunday and lasts until Easter, April 12.

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NYC Mayor Threatens Synagogues

Mayor threatens to close synagogues permanently should they open for Passover.

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Fear Not...Isaiah 41:10

"Fear not, for I am with you." Isaiah 41:10 It’s has been a whirlwind week. So, I wanted to pause and give you some encouragement.

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BDS Would STOP the Israel COVID Cure

Israeli researchers are close to finalizing a COVID-19 vaccine. But anti-Israel bigots behind BDS want to block it from ever reaching the US.

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We Want to Know How You're Doing

Take our survey: tell us your opinion regarding response of states and local governments to COVID-19. To show our appreciation for doing the survey we'll send you a powerful free resource on prayer.

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Wildfire, Locusts and Plagues - A Call to Prayer

After a season of wildfires with no rain to quench them in Australia and coronavirus fears spreading around the globe, now a plague of locusts is devouring their way through Asia, Africa and headed to the Middle East. Now, more than ever,...

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Fear Not - A Special Message From Our Chairman

By the time you read this, President Trump will have declared a National Emergency over the coronavirus (COVID-19), and Israel will have closed her borders.

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You're Footing the Bill for Their Attacks on America

President Trump needs YOUR help to Defund the United Nations

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