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Israeli Woman Stands Up to Subway Hater

Our Jewish friends in Israel are under constant, virulent attack. The forces of darkness want to see the entire country and all its people destroyed—blown away like dust in the wind. As one of the favorite clerics of Iranian tyrant...

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Marching Orders for 2020

“There has never been a U.S. administration more supportive of Israel than the Trump administration. Frankly, it’s not even close.” —Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the United States.

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Benjamin Netanyahu Asked Me for a Favor

Because it was such an amazing encounter, I’d like to share a story, once more, that gets to the heart of why CIDI exists. And why I ask for your generous and much-needed support now to strengthen our fight for Israel as we enter...

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Deep State Targets Trump and Bibi

Isn't it curious that the leaders of both of the countries founded on the Word of God are under attack by "Deep State" forces? In America, the so-called "swamp" is attacking Donald Trump, the most pro-life and pro-Israel president ever.

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Incredible Pro-Israel Progress—More Coming with Your Help!

With help from friends like you, CIDI has called on the White House to stand with Israel over the past three years. We've witnessed incredible progress, thanks to America's most pro-Israel president ever, Donald J. Trump.

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Quran-Quoting Woman Attacks Jews on NY Subway

"Allahu akbar! You stinking filthy *** Jew!" These were the words of a Quran-quoting woman to an Israeli woman and an American Jewish man on a New York subway just after the heinous jihadi attack on a Jersey City kosher market.

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Huge Opportunity . . . If We Seize It

The past three years have been incredible. We have been your voice in the nation’s Capital, and together you and I have witnessed unprecedented advances in support of Israel.

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Bernie Sanders Wants to Fund Israel's Enemy!

Imagine you live in a community hit by intense rocket fire over two intense and terrifying days. For almost all that time, you couldn’t even leave your house. Loud explosions filled the air. The bombardment terrorized your family. And...

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AOC's Squad Agreed with Pensacola Shooter Last Friday

Just hours after a Saudi national tweeted pro-Palestine sentiments and killed or wounded eleven people at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Nancy Pelosi brought a pro-Palestine bill to the House floor.  House Resolution 326 was a measure for the...

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Trump Addresses Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump signed an executive order today that would reclassify Judaism as both a nationality as well as a religion which under federal law means that government funding can be withheld from colleges and...

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