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BLM Attacks Jewish Neighborhoods and Businesses

Do Jewish lives matter? BLM attacks Jewish neighborhoods and businesses. Demand a full investigation into George Soros' funding of the riots ripping apart our land - select here or the button below.

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Historic Prophetic Move Taking Place!

“As dedicated friends of the Jewish state, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to the relationship between our two nations and Israel’s right to sovereignty and defensible borders.” - House Republican letter to Israeli Prime...

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Muslim Brotherhood's Goal: World Domination

Created in 1928, just as anti-Semitism was making its ascent in Germany into an outright Holocaust, the Muslim Brotherhood was formed by Nazi sympathizer and Egyptian schoolteacher Hasan al-Banna. Sign the Petition to Designate the Muslim...

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In January, George Soros Predicted the Riots

Six months ago, George Soros suggested a "revolutionary situation" in America and the world would take place before the November 2020 elections. Now, Antifa has taken over a 6-block area of Seattle, WA. Do you think it's just coincidental?...

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Who Is Really Behind the U.S. Riots

Last week, I told you about George Soros' Nazi past and his present attempts to destabilize Israel. This week over a series of emails, we'll look at Soros' seditious present, including measures to destabilize the United States government....

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George Soros "Invests" in US Riots

George Soros has used his millions in an attempt to destabilize Israel and the U.S. Now he's funding the riots ripping America apart. But there is something we can do to stop Soros. Sign our letter asking President Trump to Deport NAZI...

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Deport Radical Billionaire George Soros NOW

International financier George Soros is pouring billions into radical causes across the globe – including efforts to destabilize both America and Israel. He's seemingly beyond the reach of the law, yet there's something critically...

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Anything for a Buck - Including Helping Nazis

In 1993, Nazi collaborator George Soros told CBS' 60 Minutes he "had no sense of guilt" about helping Nazi's rob fellow Jews. Now this conscienceless billionaire is once again attacking Jews – this time by destabilizing Israel....

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NY Nazi Collaborator Attacks Israel

In 1993, mega-billionaire George Soros called his time stealing Jewish property for the Nazis as "the happiest year of his life." Now this New York atheist Jew-in-name-only is deploying his vast financial resources to attack Israel. It is...

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The Muslim Brotherhood Is a Terrorist Group!

Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia all agree that the radical Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. But when the White House floated President Trump’s plan last year to designate the Brotherhood as such, Washington erupted in...

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