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Breaking: Leading Dem Questions Joe's Iran Deal

Joe Biden has lost a prominent Democrat’s support for his new Iran Deal. Read on to learn the details of a scathing letter issued by one of the Senate’s most notable leaders. — Mat Demand Congress intervene  STOP the...

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Netanyahu Decries Biden's Folly

The former Israeli prime minister has some choice words for Joe Biden’s new Iran deal. Read on to learn why Bibi Netanyahu is calling it “crazy.” —Mat Demand Congress intervene to STOP the IRAN DEAL! Sign our...

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Biden's Great Iranian Giveaway

Yet more outrageous concessions to the ayatollah and his bloodthirsty mullahs are being revealed as Joe Biden gets closer to landing his awful new Iran Deal. Read on. —Mat Demand Congress intervene to STOP the IRAN DEAL! Sign our...

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Iran's Act of War on U.S. Soil

Iran committed an act of war on U.S. soil. But instead of being confronted and made to pay for it, Iran is being rewarded for its continuing terror. We MUST stop Joe Biden’s disastrous Iran Deal. Read on. — Mat Demand Congress...

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Biden's "Surrender Pact"

Stunning details are coming to light regarding Joe Biden’s “Surrender Pact” with Iran. Read on to learn what caused three State Department officials to resign in disgust. —Mat Demand Congress intervene to STOP the...

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Biden's Crazy "Deal" Gets Even Crazier

Joe Biden’s insane nuclear pact with Iran lavishes billions on the world’s foremost terror state ... and gives weapons of mass destruction to the mullahs’ Israel-hating regime. But even at this late stage, there’s a way...

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Netanyahu Says Agreement Worse Than...

There are only two options left to stop the looming Iranian disaster that will annihilate Israel and endanger America. Read on. —Mat Demand Congress intervene to STOP the IRAN DEAL! Sign our petition and/or fax Congress today!...

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It's Bizarre but True

Joe Biden is about to give a reported 90 billion dollars in sanctions relief to the radical Islamic terrorists who rule Iran , even as they pledge to deal death to Israel and America. But we can stop it if we act now. Read on. — Mat...

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There's Only One Way to Stop It

There are more dead Jews in Tel Aviv today, not that the American media is likely to report it. But thanks to Iranian funding and the proxy war they are conducting against Israel, five more Jewish lives have been cut short. Yet Joe Biden...

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The Ugly Truth About the New Iran Deal

Instead of forging a “longer and stronger” deal, as Team Biden bragged it would, this new Iran accord is “shorter and weaker,” setting up both Israel and America for disaster. Read on to see what the misguided Biden...

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