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Biden’s Dirty Trick FAILS—But Israel Still In Danger

Joe Biden tried his best to keep Benjamin Netanyahu from once again becoming prime minister of Israel, but Biden FAILED. But not before leaving Bibi with a dangerous mess that threatens the Jewish state’s very existence. Bibi has an...

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Biden Seeks to Break UN Agreement

Joe Biden is seeking to eliminate Israel’s very sovereignty and the right of the Jewish people to their own land. The outrageously anti-Israel Biden administration is up to its antisemitic tricks again. We need YOUR help to pressure...

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Israel Is 7 Minutes From Destruction

Iran is boasting about its new SUPERFAST hypersonic missile that can race from Tehran to Tel Aviv in less than 7 minutes, penetrate Israel’s missile shield ... and deliver nuclear death to the Jewish state. Yet somehow, beyond reason,...

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Biden's Unbelievable Attempt to Bully Israel

Joe Biden is trying to force his antisemitic will on Israel by sending the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to Israel! Joe Biden’s attempts to meddle in Israeli politics and illegally influence the Jewish state MUST be...

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There has never been a more important time for Christians and Jews to stand in solidarity with Israel and its right to exist as a sovereign nation. Israel and America share a common bond through our history, heritage, and faith. Along with our shared common values, Israel and America also share common threats.

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