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Top 10 Reasons to Tell Trump "TODA RABA"

A few days ago, I told you about the "golden age" in U.S.-Israel relations ushered in by President Donald Trump. But I didn’t give you this breathtaking list. It shows why President Trump is easily the most pro-Israel President ever.

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Tell Trump "TODA RABA" today!

If there's ever been a "golden age" for the U.S.-Israel friendship, it's now. And the Lord has mightily used one man to make that happen: President Donald Trump.

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Update from Israel: New elections!

Greetings from Israel! See my update below and please consider helping CIDI overcome a difficult budget deficit. Your generous support now will help us do even more to fight for Israel! To give, CLICK HERE NOW. Thank you. And I'm...

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New "Trump city" on Golan Heights!

I'm in Israel this week leading a Covenant Journey tour for young Christian leaders. We visited the Golan Heights yesterday and ended the day singing praise and worship songs next to the Sea of Galilee. Thanks to friends like you ,...

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UN Hits New Low

Just when you thought the UN could not possibly sink deeper into anti-Semitism, it plunges to new depths. I'm sharing the UN's latest outrage with you for one simple reason. It shows why President Trump and Congress must STOP all U.S....

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Like Alice in Wonderland

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls it a  "theater of the absurd."  And for good reason  — as this story shows... Shortly after she arrived at the UN, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley got her first taste of...

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Tell Trump: Drain the UN Swamp!

If you want to know just how bigoted the UN is against Israel, this story tells you almost everything. . . Four days after Hamas fired some 700 missiles from Gaza into Israel , killing four civilians and injuring 234 in a vicious unprovoked...

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Muslim Terror Camp in Alabama

Recent stunning news shows why we must blow the lid off radical Islam in America. And the one best way to do that is to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror organization. President Trump intends to do just that. But a chorus of...

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Who Does This to Kids?

You've probably seen the chilling video that surfaced a few days ago. It shows Muslim children lip-syncing their hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. "The blood of the martyrs is calling us," a song blares out in Arabic as youngster...

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Hamas Rockets Israel--Guess Who Omar and Tlaib Blame. . .

The terror group Hamas fired over 700 rockets into Israeli homes and communities this weekend. So who did the two most fiercely anti-Israel members of Congress blame? Israel, of course. The Hamas barrage killed four Israeli civilians and...

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