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Abbas to Demand Statehood at UN Friday

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will speak at the United Nations in New York City on Friday, where he is expected to make a full-throated DEMAND for full statehood. Only a veto from the Biden administration stands in the way.

For nearly two years since he took the Oval Office, Biden has been scheming to force a so-called “two-state solution” on Israel. And the Palestinians continue to make clear that, for them, it is all or nothing.

Please, join me now in demanding the U.S. VETO Palestinian Statehood. Please sign our petition and/or fax Congress today!

In September 2019, the head of the Israeli Arab political coalition declared, “We are not guests, we are the owners of this land.”

Most Palestinians think the same—that Israel stole their land, which they call Palestine, and that is why Israel will never win peace by giving up its land. Palestinians claim it all, including Jerusalem.

Iran’s tyrant leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has announced Israel will be no more by 2040. And the Palestinian leadership, led by the aging tyrant Mahmoud Abbas, is pursuing a “long-term vision ... to liberate every inch of our land from the colonialist states’ proxy (Israel) through the policy of stages,” as the Palestinian Authority’s official daily newspaper announced in July.

The aim is to create a nation to be called “Palestine” that will stretch “from the river to the sea,” entirely displacing Israel. As Palestinian Media Watch recently reported, “The ‘State of Palestine’ is just a stepping-stone to the destruction of Israel.” And both Europe and the U.S. stand ready to be handmaidens toward that end as they pressure Israel to adopt the so-called “two-state solution.”

Tomorrow, Abbas will address the United Nations. It is expected he will use this opportunity to demand full statehood for the Palestinians.

According to reports, EU countries are ready to agree to such a measure, meaning the only thing standing in the way of a Palestinian state dividing and destroying Israel is a veto by the Biden administration.

Abbas’ demand fits nicely with Joe Biden’s already established plans to divide Jerusalem. Because the Palestinians refuse to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, a divided Jerusalem would ultimately destroy Israel. Abbas’ statehood demand will hasten that planned destruction.

The United Nations Security Council will meet soon to debate Palestinian statehood. Please, join me now in pressuring Congress to demand the Biden administration VETO Palestinian Statehood. Please sign our petition and/or fax Congress today!

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Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

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P.P.S. A two-state solution will be the end of Israel. Please fax Congress now to demand the U.S. VETO Palestinian Statehood!


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