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VETO Palestinian Statehood!
Sign the petition to PROTECT the HOLY LAND!

Sign Here:

Dear Sir or Madam

As a strong friend of Israel, I am writing to ask you to do all you can to demand the Biden administration use its power on the United Nations Security Council to VETO Palestinian statehood.

The Palestinian leadership—PA (Palestinian Authority), PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and FATAH—are open enemies of Israel. They fund terror attacks on Israelis. They demonize Israel and the Jews through official state media. They are riddled with corruption. And they are dedicated to eliminating Israel, replacing the world’s one and only Jewish state with “Palestine” from the river to the sea.

In September 2019, the head of the Israeli Arab political coalition declared, “We are not guests, we are the owners of this land.”

In July 2022, the Palestinian Authority declared that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was pursuing a goal to free every inch of the “[Palestinian] land,” including all of Israel, through “the policy of stages."

On September 23, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas had the temerity to stand before the United Nations General Assembly demanding full statehood for the people openly seeking to destroy the Jewish state.

As an American voter who loves Israel, I respectfully ask that you do everything in your power to demand the Biden administration use its veto power on the U.N. Security Council to BLOCK Palestine from being granted independent statehood.

(Your Name)
A deeply concerned friend of Israel