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Iran Restocking Hamas’ Rockets With Your Tax Money

Is Joe Biden helping restock Hamas' arsenal? Just days ago, Hamas hurled 4,300 rockets down on innocent Israeli civilians. But that's not stopping Biden from wanting to send hundreds of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars to the Palestinians. These rockets are being supplied by Iran. Biden now also wants to directly pay the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in Gaza with your money!

Demand Congress take a stand against Joe Biden's anti-Israel extremism. Select here or the button below to send your fax now. Then read on for the news. - Mat

Biden has opened the spigots. He is now sending 360 million dollars to the Palestinians. It's obscene! Biden is giving American taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which lavishes millions--some 345 million dollars in 2017--on terrorists who attack and kill Israelis.

The Palestinian Authority incites Palestinian hate for Jews and Israel via its radio, television, newspapers and schools. And for just one reason: to eliminate Israel.

The Palestinian Authority wants to turn the Jewish state into "Palestine." It wants to destroy Israel and create its fevered dream of a Palestinian state "from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea."

And so does Hamas--the radical Islamic terror group that rules Gaza.

"We support the eradication of Israel through armed Jihad and struggle," Hamas leader Yahya Al-Sinwar proclaimed last month. "This is our doctrine. The occupation must be swept [away] from all our land."

But Biden wants to give money to Gaza, too. Biden/Obama gave hundreds of billions to Iran. Biden wants to pay more, and he wants a new Iran Deal. Now he also wants to pay the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in Gaza. Until Donald Trump stopped the funding, the PA used hundreds of millions to pay terrorists and families of terrorists.

In the mounting catastrophe that is Biden's Middle East policy, he is working to send millions to Gaza to help Hamas rebuild from the ruins of a war it started. We must demand the Senate do what is necessary to stop Biden from destroying Israel and the Middle East with our tax money.

Biden thinks he can funnel the money via other parties, but rest assured, our taxpayer dollars will wind up in the hands of Hamas. And those dollars will go to build tunnels, missile factories and more--all to destroy Israel.

There's just one word for all this: appeasement. Biden is literally rewarding Iran-backed Hamas for attacking Israel.

And let me remind you, Iran's transparent purpose for going nuclear is to destroy Israel. Iran has said so. And now Biden is poised to give Tehran the means to carry out their evil plan.

Please also prayerfully consider supporting CIDI's vital mission. Biden's disastrous Middle East policy is making our work on Capitol Hill and around the world more crucially important than ever. Select here or the button below to make a generous contribution today.

Your gift now matters because our pro-Israel voice needs to be heard on Capitol Hill. Your generosity mobilizes support for Israel across America. That's why your donation now--at this point of crisis for the Jewish state--is so needed.

Finally, please keep praying for Israel and her people. Those prayers and support are critically important in times like these.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Christians in Defense of Israel

P.S. Your generosity enables Christians in Defense of Israel to make a pro-Israel difference in the halls of power in Washington, D.C., the Middle East and throughout the world. Please stand with us to bless Israel by giving generously.

P.P.S. Do not forget to fax Congress! No New Iran Deal! Select here.

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