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Stand with Israel—No New Iran Deal!

For decades, Iran has insisted it will wipe Israel & America from the face of the earth.
The last time Joe Biden was in power, he gave them billions in hard-earned American taxpayer dollars... just to have Iran laugh in his face, refuse inspections, repeatedly violate the deal and covertly come dangerously close to completing a nuclear weapon.

Now, Biden wants to enable Iran once more.


Sign the petition to Congress now!

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to respectfully insist that America NOT return to the so-called "Iran Deal."  For decades, the radical mullah rulers of Iran have insisted that Iran will wipe both America and Israel off the face of the earth. Under the Obama/Biden Iran Deal, the Iranian government took piles of hard-earned American cash and laughed in our faces as they continued to renege on their part of the deal.

They not only repeatedly violated the terms of the agreement, but they also threw inspectors out of their country and generally thumbed their noses at the world.

Iran and its leaders have not changed. Iran's autocratic mullahs still call for the eradication of Israel and America, often daily. And there is no reason to believe, having fooled Joe Biden once, Iran won’t exercise the same duplicity now.

I urge you to do everything in your power to stop any return to a new "Iran Deal." Instead, continue implementing the severe sanctions and tough-minded middle eastern diplomacy which the Trump administration so successfully used to rein in Iran's nuclear program, while also facilitating real peace in the Middle East.


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