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White House Dropping Iran Sanctions

With just one nuclear missile, Iran could do in six minutes what Hitler took years to do: murder millions of Jews. Yet Joe Biden is about to hand Iran the Bomb. We must not be silent. Never again! Read on. - Mat

The man who now sits in the Oval Office is putting our friend and ally, Israel, at extreme risk. And he is doing so despite Israel's strong public protests.

Ignoring Israel's urgent misgivings, Joe Biden's negotiating team went to Vienna in April for indirect talks with Iran. The goal? To find a way back into the catastrophic nuclear deal Obama and Biden reached with Iran in 2015.

That one-sided agreement handed the terrorists in Tehran a windfall of some $150 billion—including hundreds of millions in cash that came loaded on pallets in the dark of night. Iran used that money to arm and equip its terror forces in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Iraq and Yemen.

But even worse, the delusional deal handed the world's foremost terror state a guaranteed path to atomic weapons.

Tell the Senate to STOP THE IRAN DEAL!
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President Donald Trump yanked America out of the insane pact in 2018, but Biden wants back in. And he's willing to make serious concessions—even signaling his readiness to lift some or all the 900 sanctions Trump imposed on Iran.

Last month, just as the Vienna talks with Iran were to begin, the U.S. special envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, signaled the Biden administration will cave on economic sanctions. Malley, an architect of the original Iran nuclear deal, told PBS NewsHour that Biden is willing “to lift those sanctions that are inconsistent with the deal that was reached with Iran."

But those sanctions made the mullahs desperate for relief. Yet, instead of pushing Iran to the wall to force it to cough up concessions, and to give up its nuclear and ballistic weapons programs, Biden is making unilateral concessions even before the U.S. sits down with Iran!

We must tell the senators to push back against Biden's new Iran deal.

That's appeasement—the one word that best describes Biden's reckless Middle East policy. What makes this even more bizarre is that Iran is now, as I write, openly defying the 2015 nuclear deal!

Iran has restricted U.N. nuclear inspections. And it is accelerating its uranium enrichment—building a nuclear materials stockpile that is one step below weapons-grade material. That puts the globe's paramount terror state on the verge of becoming a nuclear power.

But instead of punishing the rogue state with more punitive sanctions, Biden stands ready to lift them.

Israel's security is growing more critical, and CIDI's work in Washington, D.C., and across the globe is becoming more demanding.

Our team on Capitol Hill is working with members of Congress to push back against Biden's new Iran deal. Now they must hear from you as you send faxes, sign petitions and call. If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, the first target will be Israel. America will soon follow.

Tell members of Congress NO NEW IRAN DEAL!

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And please continue to pray for CIDI's staff in Washington, D.C. Joe Biden's pro-Palestinian, pro-Iranian, anti-Israel cabinet members work overtime to empower Israel's enemies. But we know our Lord is Israel's strong defender. Please keep standing with God's chosen people as the Lord leads!

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

P.S. Your generosity enables Christians in Defense of Israel to make a pro-Israel difference in the halls of power in Washington, D.C., the Middle East and throughout the world. Please stand with us to bless Israel by giving generously.

P.P.S. Joe Biden is putting Israel at risk in the world's most dangerous neighborhood. And he continues to add anti-Israel bureaucrats to his administration, which is a good reason why you and I must speak up immediately. Please send your faxes TODAY!

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