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Israel Preparing to Defend Itself—Alone...

Joe Biden’s warm embrace of Iran stands in stark contrast to the cold shoulder he is giving Israel. Whispers are growing in Washington, D.C., and around the world that the Biden administration might as well be called “Obama’s third term.” Sadly, it’s worse than that. Read on. —Mat

But first, please take a moment to fax the Senate. Demand they STOP THE IRAN DEAL. We cannot allow Biden (or whoever may be running the show in Washington) to enable Iran’s planned destruction of Israel. Send your fax NOW. Simply select here or the button below.

Joe Biden has made it quite clear he intends to do everything in his power to return to the deadly Iran Deal that he and Barack Obama cooked up in 2015.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made his intentions crystal clear as well. Israel will NOT allow Joe Biden, or anyone else for that matter, to allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb.

“With an agreement or without an agreement, we will do whatever is necessary, so you [Iran] do not arm yourselves with nuclear weapons,” Prime Minister Netanyahu declared in February on the eve of the Jewish celebration of Purim.

That means just one thing ... a devastating Israeli military strike to eliminate Iran’s entrenched, underground nuclear sites. Israel is drafting plans and preparing to do just that as I write.

The Israel Defense Forces’ chief of staff has reportedly ordered planners to develop three proposals to defeat Iran’s nuclear threat. At least one would be a military strike.

In February, a surprise three-day military training exercise in northern Israel gave the world a hint at Israeli military prowess and determination. The simulated war with Hezbollah—Iran’s wholly owned subsidiary in Lebanon—featured mock airstrikes on 3,000 targets in just one day.

If Israel is forced to take out Iran’s nuclear sites, Hezbollah will unleash rocket attacks on Israel. And the Jewish state is getting ready for that potential event.

Joe Biden’s foolish and weak Iran policy is making it all necessary.

President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran Deal in 2018. He slapped crippling sanctions on the Islamic regime. And he ordered the killing of Iran’s chief terrorist, Qasem Soleimani. But Biden is rewarding Iran’s malign behavior, including its use of proxies in Iraq to shell American installations and, in January, to kill a U.S. contractor.

Instead of sending a punishing military response, Biden ignored Iranian provocation and showed weakness. After multiple Iran-backed rocket attacks inside Iraq, a State Department spokesman promised that the U.S. will not “lash out and risk an escalation.”

STOP BIDEN’S IRAN DEAL—Select here or the button below.

After four years under President Donald Trump, the most pro-Israel president in American history, Israel is now forced to deal with what some have called Barack Obama’s third term. But as icy as Obama was toward Israel, Joe Biden is worse.

Biden is rewarding Iran by reentering the nuclear deal, even offering Iran a carrot in the form of American-backed International Monetary Fund loans to, in the words of one knowledgeable observer, “give Iran tangible relief.”

The last time Joe Biden cut a deal with the Iranians, he sent them 4 billion dollars in cold, hard, U.S. taxpayer dollars. Iran used that money to further its terror activities while also investing heavily in nuclear bomb-making technology and materials.

Now, Biden wants to give the Iranians yet another boatload of money, which they will use to fund the destruction of Israel. But Biden cannot implement his misguided Iran Deal without the Senate’s approval … and that’s where we can win!

We must apply maximum pressure demanding the U.S. Senate REFUSE to approve Joe Biden’s Iran Deal. Select here to flood Senate offices NOW.

Thank you, as always, for standing with us in defense of Israel. I hope you will consider donating to Christians in Defense of Israel. We continue to work diligently in the halls of Congress, throughout Washington, D.C., and the world to defend the Holy Land.

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Finally, I ask you to continue to pray for both America and Israel. And remember, he who blesses Israel will be blessed! Just imagine the blessings of God that Donald J. Trump brought upon America through his extraordinary pro-Israel initiatives! And just imagine what our Lord has planned next!

In His service,

Mat Staver

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P.P.S. Don’t forget! Fax the Senate NOW to STOP THE IRAN DEAL!

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