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Shah of Iran's Son Warns: No New Iran Deal

Former Iranian Crown Prince and son of the late Shah of Iran says a return to the Obama-Biden Iran Deal is a deadly mistake. Read on to learn why even the Iranian people are disturbed by Joe Biden's appeasement of the Ayatollah.

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The last time Joe Biden was in power, he shepherded the disastrous 2015 Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) agreement, aka "the Iran Deal," into existence. The deal shipped $4 billion in cold, hard American cash to the Iranians, in exchange for empty promises to stop producing nuclear materials.

The Iranians took the cash, refused inspections, funded terror and as of just last week, was caught making uranium metal – a key component for nuclear bombs.

The 2015 deal was cut without consulting the people who live in the region. Even America's closest middle eastern allies, the Saudis and the Israelis — the countries most at risk of Iranian attack — were left in the cold. And Biden appears to be doing the exact same thing all over again.

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Biden gives Bibi the cold shoulder.

Joe Biden has been in office nearly a month now. The Iranians have been caught with nuclear bomb-making materials. Yet, ONLY YESTERDAY did Biden finally deem to pick up the phone and call Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. Even without the Iranian situation, such a snub is an unprecedented insult to our best middle eastern ally, Israel.

The silence on behalf of Biden is deafening and disturbing to Middle Eastern experts, as well as the people living in the region.

This week, the former Crown Prince of Iran issued a pointed warning to the Biden administration and the naïve allies looking to impose their will on the Holy Land.

Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late shah of Iran, says Biden's "new" nuclear deal is based on same flawed "misconception of behavioral change," that doomed the last deal. That behavioral change "will not happen," said the Prince in comments to media.

Pahlavi blasted Biden's past Iranian policies, giving insight into just how the Iranians used Obama’s and Biden's 4-billion-dollar gift in 2015:

"With the economic benefits of the agreement, the [Iranian] regime controlled three Arab capitals and frightened even more. The agreement also helped support extremist Palestinians at the expense of the moderates and damaged Israel's security," said Pahlavi.

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The Prince doubled down, blasting Biden's current Iranian policy of waiting until Iran is nearly a nuclear power before acting. "They said they would return to the nuclear deal when their sworn enemy (the regime in Iran) rushed to quintuple the rate of uranium enrichment," said Pahlavi, about Biden's appeasement approach. "This is blackmail of the free world."

The Prince goes on to point out that even the Iranian people themselves, tired of Ayatollah's vicious regime, do not want Biden to enter another Iranian appeasement deal. Instead, the Prince correctly points out that the only path to a safe Iran is a free Iran.

Joe Biden may not want to call Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and he may not want to include our Middle East allies in the Iran talks... but WE CAN WORK TO STOP THE IRAN DEAL.

The U.S. Senate must approve any new Iran Deal that Biden tries to put forth. And many senators are growing uneasy at Biden's obvious snubbing of both Israel and Saudi Arabia. These senators KNOW the dangerous nature of Iran and I believe they will listen to the American public on this issue.

Please, make your voice heard NOW. As a God fearing, tax paying, Israel-loving American, please fax the Senate NOW and tell them NO NEW IRAN DEAL!

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Mat Staver

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