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Iran Outfoxes Biden on Nukes

Iran just got busted with radioactive nuclear material, indicating the Iranians have moved past atomic energy and are focused on a nuclear bomb. But Joe Biden still wants to play nice with the genocidal mullahs of Iran. Read on to learn the latest. -Mat

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Former President Donald Trump rightly withdrew from the Iran Deal when it became clear that Iran never had any intentions of complying... even after Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave the Iranians $4 billion in cold, hard American cash.

Trump placed heavy sanctions on the murderous Iranian regime and refused to budge one inch when Iran continued to misbehave.

But Biden has insisted he will return to the Iran Deal… whether our Middle East allies – including Israel and Saudi Arabia – like it or not... and apparently whether Iran chooses to comply or not.

Sunday, Iran proved once again why they cannot be trusted.

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One of the key issues throughout Obama-Biden’s Iran Deal was Iran’s refusal to allow many sites to be inspected. Now we know why…

Inspectors from the United Nations found new evidence of “undeclared nuclear activity” in recent reviews, including traces of radioactive materials indicating that the Iranians have likely moved from producing atomic energy to making nuclear weapons.

It has long been presumed that the Iranians would bar inspectors from a facility long enough to move materials to other sites hidden from inspectors. The trace materials found by the latest UN inspections would appear to substantiate those suspicions.

Meanwhile, Sunday morning, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posted a chilling message to Twitter saying, “The post-U.S. era has started.”

Noted Israel365 journalist David Sidman says the tweet indicates that Iran perceives a “weakening of America under Biden’s leadership,” and he’s right.


Further evidence of weakness is demonstrated by Biden’s refusal so far to call Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. As our greatest ally in the Middle East, the Israeli Prime Minister should be one of the first calls.

But Biden hasn’t called Bibi. Instead, he is spinning his wheels trying to orchestrate yet another gift for the murderous nation that continues to insist it will wipe both Israel and America off the face of the earth.

Christians in Defense of Israel has spent years defending the Holy Land through our work in Washington, DC, and across the world. Based on that experience, I can tell you that the ONLY thing the Iranians respect is STRENGTH.

If Biden’s weak-kneed new “deal” passes, Iran will know they have won – and they will rapidly pursue the destruction of Israel and America.



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In defense of Israel and freedom for all,

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

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