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Demand Congress VOTE YES on HR 6114
For decades, America has stood in the gap for Israel, defending the Holy Land. Also for decades, Iran has insisted it will wipe Israel and America from the face of the earth.
Now, Joe Biden wants to enable Iran once more—even as his anti-Israel elements in the U.S. Congress work to WEAKEN Israel.
The last time Joe Biden was in power, he gave Iran billions in hard-earned American taxpayer dollars... just to have Iran laugh in his face, refuse inspections, repeatedly violate the so-called "Iran Deal." Under Biden, Iran also trained, armed, and helped Hamas plan and execute the horrific October 7 attack on Israel ... all as the Tyrants of Tehran are working furiously to come even closer to completing a nuclear weapon.
This is NO time to relieve the sanctions against Iran. In fact, it’s long past time to apply maximum pressure to stop this terror nation!

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am deeply opposed to the billions in sanctions relief Joe Biden is giving the world’s worst state sponsor of terror, Iran, and I call for speedy passage of HR 6114, the Maximum Pressure Act. Because Biden has lifted or relaxed sanctions, the tyrants of Tehran have raked in an estimated $80 billion in oil revenue since 2021. That money funds terror — including the horrific October 7 bloodbath in southern Israel that Iran helped plan.

Iran’s maniacal mission is to first eliminate Israel and then the United States. Yet Biden is enriching Israel’s enemy ... and ours. This MUST stop. As an American citizen and friend of Israel, I demand that Congress stop Joe Biden from funding terrorists.


(Your Name)