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Why Israel Matters - Episodes


Filmed on location in Israel, each episode of Why Israel Matters is filled with personal stories of hope and courage in the face of extraordinary challenges that will inform and inspire its viewers.

Everything comes together in Israel – our Christian faith, our Judeo-Christian values, our history and heritage, the past, present, and future – everything revolves around Israel. It is here in this land where the Prophets preached, where the Kings ruled, and where Jesus walked. Our past, present, and future are inextricably intertwined with Israel.

Why Israel Matters is an original series presented by Christians in Defense of Israel in association with Impact Productions and TBN. Why Israel Matters explores the many facets of the Holy Land, from ancient to modern Israel. From the novice to the expert, each viewer will learn something new and exciting about Israel. Full of moving stories, thought-provoking questions, and inspiring takeaways, this original series will strengthen the viewers’ faith and empower viewers to thoughtfully engage in the global conversation about Israel. 

  • Episode One 2/28/17: Homecoming - Features incredible stories of “Aliyah,” the sometimes extremely difficult journey made by Jews from around the world as make their way toward their homeland – Israel. 

  • Episode Two 3/07/17: Neighbors - The story of how Israel, unlike their many neighbors, has become a beacon of democracy and tolerance. 

  • Episode Three 3/14/17: Uncommon Heroes - From Moses and Gideon to King David and Queen Esther, unusual tales of heroism are the trademark of the Jewish people. As evidenced by the modern-day heroes in this episode, that tradition continues.

  • Episode Four 3/021/17: Miracles - Israel is a land of miracles. Here the focus is on a trio of miraculous accounts of the technological, military, and agricultural advances occurring in Israel today.

  • Episode Five 3/28/17: Allies - Despite its many persecutions and political isolation, throughout history allies have arisen to stand up for Israel. Rahab, Cyrus the Great, Oskar Schindler, and countless modern day allies continue in this great legacy.

  • Episode Six 4/04/17: Eyes That See - the harrowing story of a member of the first Messianic Jewish family in modern Israel. Arye bar David: soldier, concert musician, and shepherd to those around him, who when it counted most, had the clear vision to see the light.

  • Episode Seven 4/11/17: Boundaries and Barriers - While Israel’s borders are a source of passionate controversy around the world, this episode views the topic through the lens of people who live within these borders, and others who reach beyond the borders of culture, geopolitics, and religion.

  • Episode Eight 4/18/17: Survivors - Despite impossible odds, the Jewish people survive and thrive. For thousands of years, the Jewish tradition has endured. That tradition inspires perseverance, sustaining Israel even into the modern era.

  • Episode Nine 4/25/17: Rescuers - Throughout history, God has sent people to help those in need. Whether a fledgling state, a victim of human trafficking, or a target of anti-Semitism online, God is still sending all kinds of individuals to rescue those in peril.

  • Episode Ten 5/02/17: Undercover - Outside appearances can be shallow, and at times deceiving. Often, the most amazing things are revealed when we look beneath the surface in this episode we get an "undercover" view of three ancient stories hidden beneath the surface of modern-day Israel.

  • Episode Eleven 5/09/17: Footsteps - Mat Staver, Covenant Journey founder, walks the steps of the Passion Week to give an inspired close-up of Jesus death and resurrection. College students share about the first-hand experience Covenant Journey provides them as they explore the Holy Land in all its beauty and complexity.

  • Episode Twelve 5/16/17: Foundations - History declares the longstanding presence of Jews in Jerusalem though outside influences have wrestled to rule this very sacred place since its beginning. This episode offers a look at the history this city is built upon, and what it has to say to us today.

  • Episode Thirteen 5/23/17: Shalom - Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace and remains the standard greeting in Israel. Yet for the rest of the world, this small nation is a major point of contention and conflict. In this episode, we examine the concept of seeking peace in the Middle East.


Why Israel Matters is a unique and powerful original series. There is nothing like it that covers so many facets of Israel. No matter how much the viewer knows about Israel, they will learn and be inspired by the series. The quality of each program is at the highest level and each one presents a compelling story of Israel.

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