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Investigate Joe Biden
for interfering with the Israeli elections!
A Demand Letter to House and Senate Leadership

Dear Member of Congress:

Joe Biden’s well-timed involvement to pressure Israel into a stunningly lopsided deal with Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon DEMANDS a congressional investigation. The Biden-brokered pact came just before Israelis went to the polls November 1 and gives Hezbollah access to billions in potential natural gas profits—which it will use to advance its crusade to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel.

The dangerous giveaway to Hezbollah (which controls Lebanon) also boosted Israeli caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid in his campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu and smacks of election interference on Biden’s part.
To make matters worse, Joe Biden’s FBI is now interfering with Israel’s sovereignty, interposing itself into Israel’s investigations and conducting unauthorized “research” on Israeli land despite objections by the Israeli government.
For that reason, I am asking you to act immediately to schedule hearings and conduct a thorough investigation into Biden’s misuse of his office to meddle in a foreign ally’s election and undermine the sovereign affairs of our great ally, Israel.
(Your name)
A deeply concerned friend of Zion

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