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Defend Israel!
Sign the letter demanding a full investigation into George Soros' criminal activities today!

Yes! I'm outraged at George's Soros' blatant attacks on Israel. And I'm standing with you to defend the Jewish people. Add my name to the Demand Letter to Deport Nazi Collaborator George Soros:

Sign Here:

A Demand Letter to President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr

Dear President Trump and Attorney General Barr:
Radical billionaire George Soros has repeatedly committed crimes in violation of U.S. law.
George Soros has actively funded radical groups which have repeatedly incited revolt and violence against lawful authority within the United States. These groups have publicly stated and acted upon their goal of destroying and overthrowing the United States government. One such group, ANTIFA, has taken possession of parts of Seattle, WA, and has declared its intention to spread further into America's heartland.
In funding these organizations, Soros is in violation of 18 US Code § 2384, commonly known as the "Sedition and Treason" law, as well as 18 U.S. Code § 2383 covering "Rebellion and Insurrection."
Furthermore, George Soros has also admitted on at least two occasions (1993 interviews with CBS' 60 Minutes and PBS' Money Worlds with Adam Smith) to have been an active Nazi collaborator.
Nazi collaborators are prohibited from entering or residing in the United States under 8 U.S. Code Subsection 1227(a)(4)(D) [INA § 237(a)(4)(D)], commonly known as "The Holtzman Amendment." U.S. laws on these issues are crystal clear.
That's why I am asking you, Mr. President and Mr. Attorney General, to immediately launch a full investigation into Hungarian-born Nazi collaborator turned New York resident and sedition-funder, George Soros.

A Concerned Citizen