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Tell President Trump to Reverse Course!

President Donald Trump—a good man and fierce friend of Israel—has just made a colossal blunder. One which puts the lives of America's Kurdish friends at risk and sends a chilling signal about America's resolve to support Israel. So much so that one senior diplomat said the Jewish state may no longer be able to "bank on" U.S. support if it is faced with a major war.

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria means a “nightmare for Israel.”

Turkey waited just hours after Trump’s decision to begin its bombing campaign. Soldiers are dying and civilians are fleeing. Please join thousands of others to urge the President to reverse course, to stand with our Kurdish allies and, above all, to stand with Israel!


Mr. President, Reverse Course!

A Petition to President Donald Trump

Dear President Trump,

I am grateful for your strong friendship with Israel. But I am pleading with you today to reconsider and reverse course on your decision to withdraw American troops and stand aside while Turkey invades Syria and decimates our Kurdish friends. Soldiers are dying and civilians are fleeing in the immediate aftermath of your decision, Mr. President.

And your decision to withdraw troops has sounded alarms in Israel. So much so that one former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. wonders aloud whether the Jewish state could still "bank on" U.S. support if it got into a major war.

As a friend of Israel and an American citizen, I strongly urge you—before the conflict worsens—to reverse course, rescind your decision to draw down troops and stand with our allies—especially Israel.

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Sign Now!