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It's Time to "Tell the Truth About Islam!" in America's military!

Radical Islam has made shocking inroads into our nation’s defense and intelligence establishments. So much so that Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups have succeeded in purging honest and objective training materials on Islam from the Armed Forces and from the FBI.

As a result, the men and women who wield the sword in America's defense have been effectively blinded to Islam's true nature and threat. It's been called "The Great Purge."

Because of it, the Army War College bowed to a radical Islamic pressure group in June and canceled a planned lecture by a recognized scholar that would have presented the truth about Islam.

But there’s something you can do to stop the invasion of Islam and political correctness into our nation’s defense establishment. Join Christians in Defense of Israel in calling on President Trump to restore clear-eyed, truth-telling about Islam in all U.S. government training materials. You can do that right now by signing CIDI’s “Tell the Truth About Islam!” petition to President Trump.

Sign the petition!

Tell the Truth About Islam!

A petition to President Donald Trump


Dear Mr. President:

Under the last three presidents, Muslim Brotherhood-linked operatives have deeply penetrated our nation’s intelligence and military services. They have succeeded in purging fact-based, objective training materials that spell out the grim truth about radical Islam—its history, methods and goals. And because of this “Great Purge,” our nation’s warriors are ill-prepared to understand and fight radical Islamic terrorism.

I am asking you, therefore, Mr. President, to reverse the Great Purge. America’s defenders need to know our enemy. We need to name our enemy. Please act to ensure training materials used by the U.S. government fully prepare our intelligence and security services with the understanding they need to fight and win against radical Islamic terror.

Thank you, again, for your leadership and your love for Israel! 

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