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With Threat Growing, Pray for Israel

Sign the "Yes, I will pray for Israel" pledge; Defend Israel on your knees!

Iran makes no secret of its intent to destroy Israel. The radical Islamic regime has been chanting "Death to Israel" since it came to power in 1979. 

And now Iran's twisted theocratic rulers are pressing ahead to stockpile enriched uranium in violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement. Unless stopped, Iran could head down the path of acquiring enough highly enriched uranium to produce nuclear weapons. And that would give Iran what it needs to act on its burning ambition to destroy Israel and conquer Jerusalem.

Iran is "playing with fire," President Donald Trump declared. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that "Israel will not let Iran develop nuclear weapons."

That's why Mat Staver and Christians in Defense of Israel are calling on our friends and partners to join us in special prayers for Israel. With tensions rising and Israel in the cross hairs, your prayers on behalf of the Jewish state and God's people are urgently needed now.

Sign the "Yes, I Will Pray for Israel!" pledge now! Defend Israel on your knees and join an army of intercessors asking God for the peace of Jerusalem!


Yes, I Will Pray for Israel!

Maximum prayer is required at a time of maximum threat

Because Israel is under direct and growing threat from the militant clerics who rule the Islamic Republic of Iran, I will stand with God's chosen people in prayer. I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I will ask God to bless and defend Israel. And I will petition Him to defeat Israel's enemies and to silence its vile anti-Semitic foes.

In addition, I am asking God to give Israel secure borders and peace within them. I am asking Him to defeat Iran's evil, genocidal quest to destroy Israel. I am asking him to confuse and frustrate the counsels of Israel's enemies at the UN. And most of all, I am asking God to give His covenant people the true peace—shalom—that will only come as they recognize their Jewish Messiah, Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Will you sign?

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