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He Wants to Help Hamas

Joe Biden stands ready to give Hamas everything it wants.

For Hamas, things are looking up. Even before Biden offered his plan to cut short the war and rob Israel of total victory, Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar told Hamas officials, “We have the Israelis right where we want them.”

After Biden’s May 31 speech calling for a cease-fire, he enlisted the global community to join him in pressuring Israel into ending its just and necessary war. — Mat

Tell Congress: STOP Biden’s Betrayal!

Just a few days after Joe spoke, the U.S. introduced a U.N. Security Council resolution calling on the U.N. to endorse Biden’s 3-phase plan. That plan:

  • Imposes a permanent cease-fire on Israel.

  • Calls on Israel to release dozens of prisoners — including murderers — for every one hostage.

  • Guarantees billions for the post-war rebuilding of Gaza.

  • Does NOTHING to dismantle Hamas as a military threat to the Jewish people.

The U.N. Security Council quickly passed the Biden plan. Hamas says it’s on board and that puts the onus on Israel.

Just before the Security Council vote, an Israeli diplomat gave the U.N. body a firm declaration of what the Jewish state would and WOULD NOT agree to. Israel’s objectives, she said, are “very clear” ...

To bring all our hostages back home and to dismantle Hamas’ capabilities … and ensure that Gaza does not pose a threat to Israel in the future.

If these aims are realized, the war will end, she said. But not before.

U.N. Security Council resolutions have teeth because they are enforceable by economic and diplomatic sanctions. Thanks to Biden, Israel now faces the prospect of international isolation.

And that is why you and I must stand with Israel now. With the help of friends like you, Christians in Defense of Israel is mounting an aggressive grassroots campaign to demand that Congress speak and act forcefully on Israel’s behalf.

We are calling on House and Senate leaders to take immediate ACTION to block Biden’s attempt to impose a cease-fire on Israel and to stop all U.S. aid to Palestinians, whether in Judea and Samaria or Gaza.

Unbelievably, U.S. AID director Samantha Power — who is openly hostile to Israel — announced another 90 million dollars in aid to Gaza. That aid will fall into the hands of Hamas, strengthening its war on Israel!

Our staff on Capitol Hill his working double time to educate and inform Congress. But we are only able to engage in this level of congressional work because of your direct financial support. We simply cannot do this work without you. Please help us continue defending Israel with a generous donation today.

Thank you for your friendship with Israel and for your support as a friend and partner of Christians in Defense of Israel!

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

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