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The Problem With Biden’s Cease-Fire Plan

Joe Biden’s cease-fire plan would leave most of the Israeli hostages still in Hamas hands to die.

That’s why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to sign the deal. Because — as we learned when the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) recently rescued Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Shlomi Ziv, and Andrey Kozlovevery Israeli life is more precious than diamonds.

Joe Biden continues to withhold the arms and fighter jets Congress already allocated to help Israel recover every hostage and win the war against Hamas once and for all. Instead, Biden is putting increasing pressure on Israel to accept his three-part ceasefire “deal. 

Tell Congress to STOP Biden’s Arms Embargo against Israel!

During the six weeks of Phase 1, Hamas would return approximately 30 people,some” of the women and children it holds hostage, and Israel and Hamas would negotiate the necessary arrangements to get to Phase 2, which is a permanent end to hostilities. 

But if no agreement is made in those first six weeks, the cease-fire would continue indefinitely until peace is reached and the roughly 90 hostages in Hamas hands would remain there, subject to the tender mercies of their terrorist captors. 

Earlier this month when Israel Defense Forces rescued the four hostages named above, the IDF soldiers radioed to the helicopters ordering them to prepare for takeoff because, they said, “We have the diamonds, I repeat, we have the diamonds.” 

The diamonds, of course, were the four precious lives the IDF had just rescued. Under Joe Biden’s plan, Noa might have been released in Phase 1, but Almog, Shlomi, and Andrey would still be held in a dark prison built into the back of a Palestinian medical doctor and Al Jazeera journalist’s home.  

Hamas has held at least 120 hostages for 262 days now. That’s over eight months. It’s time for Congress to step in and stop Joe Biden from letting the remaining hostages rot in a virtual hell. 

Fax Congress now and demand they STOP Biden’s Arms Embargo!

Please pray for the innocent Israeli civilians still being held prisoner by Hamas and the so-called “peaceful Palestinians” of Gaza.

Mat Staver

Christians in Defense of Israel 

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