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Miraculous Rescue and Answered Prayers

Joyous dancing broke out in Israel on Saturday, as it was announced that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had rescued four Israeli hostages ALIVE from their Hamas captors.

A sufferer of Stage 4 brain cancer, Liora Argamani’s fervent prayer for the last 245 days was to live to see her daughter Noa freed.

If you recall my message shortly after the October massacre, you might remember the name Noa Argamani. I am overjoyed to report that God answered Liora’s prayers Saturday. Her daughter, Noa, is home and in her mother’s arms once again!

But Joe Biden’s arms embargo is actively working to PREVENT Israel Defense Forces from rescuing the remaining innocent civilians held by Hamas. CIDI is working with select members of Congress to stop him. Read on. — Mat

Noa, who is 26, is the only child of Liora and Yaakov Argamani. Liora, who suffers from end-stage brain cancer, learned of her daughter’s abduction from the now-famous Hamas propaganda video.

The video showed Hamas militants dragging Noa kicking and screaming, throwing her onto the back of a waiting motorbike to face whatever horrors the terrorists had planned for the beautiful young Jewish woman. Her longtime boyfriend, Avinatan Or, was bound by yet more Hamas captors and forced to watch helplessly, tears streaming down his face as the woman he loved was taken away. Soon after, he shared her fate.

For the last 245 days while Liora’s precious daughter has been held captive, her constant prayer has been to live long enough to see her daughter freed.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been hobbling IDF efforts to rescue the hostages by refusing to send Israel the funds and munitions Congress already authorized to help the Jewish state.

God intervened this weekend. IDF forces received a tip as to where Noa and three male hostages were being held. In a daring, multipronged daytime attack, the IDF managed to rescue Noa, along with Almog Meir Jan, Shlomi Ziv, and Andrey Kozlov, who were being held in two separate houses.

The three male hostages, it turns out, were being held prisoner by Al Jazeera editor and reporter Abdallah Aljamal in his Gaza apartment. Aljamal put up a fight and was shot dead by the IDF soldiers as they rescued the hostages. It’s no surprise that Al Jazeera — Hamas and Iran’s mouthpiece in the Middle East — has had no comment on the matter.

When the IDF arrived to rescue Noa and her fellow hostages, hundreds of Palestinian Gazan citizens rushed to the streets, many armed with Kalashnikov rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers (RPGs), trying to prevent the IDF from rescuing the captives.

Sadly, an officer of the elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit, Chief Inspector Arnon Zmora, 36, died of wounds he received in the rescue. Zmora leaves behind a wife and two small children.

The truth of the matter is that Gaza is ruled by Hamas, and Hamas is ruled by psychopathy and sheer evil. No amount of diplomacy will satisfy their thirst for Jewish blood.

Safe at an Israeli hospital, a smiling Noa was photographed enjoying a cold soft drink. Within hours, Islamic “preacher” Mahmoud Alhasanat posted a caricature of the picture, swapping Noa’s nose and ears for those of a pig. The picture was nearly identical to many of the grotesque pictures German Nazis used to dehumanize Jews before herding them into gas chambers.

Alhasanat added a caption to the cartoon insisting that Hamas should start attaching explosive belts to hostages, timed to explode the innocent people’s bodies onto their rescuers.

“I demand that the resistance attach explosive belts to the prisoners and blow them up if they try to free them, while leaving them without food .... the blood of a child in Gaza is more valuable and important than the blood of prisoners,” Alhasanat wrote on X before the platform deleted the post and banned his account.

For his part, Joe Biden keeps siding with Hamas and continues his self-proclaimed arms embargo against the Jewish state. That embargo is needlessly delaying the rescue of whatever hostages may still be alive.

As the IDF proved this weekend, many of the hostages are still alive, praise God. And no matter the demands Joe Biden tries to force on Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made absolutely clear that he will not rest until every hostage has been freed.

It’s time for Congress to respond to Biden’s attempts to cripple Israel with the same resolve. As I write, CIDI staff members are in Washington, D.C., working with select members of Congress to ensure the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) not only fully funds Israel, but also forces Joe Biden to deliver the much-needed funds and equipment Congress has ordered him to deliver.

But we need your immediate help. The NDAA will undergo its first series of votes on Wednesday.

Our staff is ONLY able to engage in this level of congressional work defending Israel because of your direct financial support. We cannot do this work without you.

Thank you for your friendship with Israel and for your support as a friend and partner of Christians in Defense of Israel!

Hamas continues to hold hostage Noa’s boyfriend, Avinatan Or, along with at least 77 other innocent Israeli civilians. Please pray for their rescue and recovery. Please also pray that our Lord grant Noa’s faithful mother, Liora, more time on this earth to hold her precious daughter close.

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel



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