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Biden Lie Almost Topples Israeli Government

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Knesset coalition almost fell apart this weekend, thanks to an outright lie Joe Biden told in a press conference last Friday afternoon ... and it was a whopper.

Late Friday, Biden announced that Israel had put forward a cease-fire peace agreement that Biden’s team had “relentlessly” negotiated through “intensive diplomacy.” The timing was slyly calculated to create the most possible damage to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — and it almost worked. Read on. — Mat

“Israel has now offered a comprehensive new deal,” Biden said to the press conference cameras late in the afternoon of May 31. He added that the proposal had been transmitted to Hamas.

But that statement, as well as much of the rest of Biden’s remarks, was categorically untrue.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman took to social media to call out Biden’s apparent blunder.

“So Biden announces his support for a deal that he says Israel presented to him. He fills the hostage families with hope, and he gets Hamas onboard,” Friedman wrote. “Only one problem — Israel never made this offer!”

“The so-called ‘deal’ was the Hamas proposal from four months ago — Israel leaves Gaza, Hamas stays in de facto control, and then the hostages are released,” Friedman continued. “This is maddening.”

Now, perhaps Joe Biden was simply confused. It wouldn’t be the first time the octogenarian’s memory failed him in public comments. It could also be that Biden’s reelection team simply prepared a speech that would appeal to the pro-Hamas Democrats who are threatening to withhold their votes this fall, and Biden simply read the words that had been prepared for him. Or maybe this was a calculated move by the Biden administration to further undermine Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government.

Based on Joe Biden’s track record so far, and the fallout that happened after his announcement, I suspect it is the latter.

Biden conveniently made his announcement about the supposed Israeli peace deal just before sunset in Israel on Friday night. As you know, Prime Minister Netanyahu and all observant Jews in Israel and worldwide are expected to keep the Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. The nation of Israel effectively shuts down for 24 hours. No work is to be done — even official work. No phones or electronics are to be used. A press conference responding to the American president’s lies would be out of the question ... and handlers in the Biden administration know it.

Delivered just moments before the Sabbath began, Biden ensured that no one in the Israeli government would be able to correct his lies. During that 24 hours of Sabbath silence, speculation and anger grew against Netanyahu for appearing to capitulate to Biden and Hamas. Some leaders of the Knesset even began plotting to dissolve the government over Netanyahu’s supposed betrayal.

Sunday, Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir both threatened to resign if Netanyahu signed the agreement, which would collapse the current coalition government, pushing Netanyahu out of power.

Ben-Gvir warned, “A deal, as its details were published, means giving up on destroying Hamas, renouncing the continuation of the war. It is a reckless deal,” said Ben-Gvir, before Netanyahu could comment on the matter. “There is no total victory, but a total defeat [of Israel] to Hamas. I say that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to lead this deal, we will dismantle the government.”

Netanyahu worked to pull his cabinet and coalition partners together to correct and counter Joe Biden’s devastating lie.

“I am not willing to stop the war,” Netanyahu told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in a closed-door session Monday. “I will not describe the details of the deal, but what the president of the United States described is not accurate.”

In public statements, Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated that his primary goals are the release of the hostages and elimination of Hamas.

“We insist that we complete both things,” Netanyahu said. “It’s part of the outline, not something I’m adding now, not something I’m adding because I was pressured in the coalition, it’s something the War Cabinet unanimously agreed on.”

Biden’s actions this past weekend remind me of the biblical story of lesser nobles and officials Sanballat and Tobiah and those they influenced, who tried to sow lies, fear, and confusion to keep Nehemiah from rebuilding Jerusalem’s city wall. The opposition was great, but Nehemiah was faithful. He kept fighting and building, and successfully completed his task. I pray the same will be true for Jewish state now.

God is quite clear in the Bible as to what happens to those who choose to curse instead of bless Israel. We cannot allow Joe Biden to curse America via his continuing attempts to curse the Jewish state.

Christians in Defense of Israel staff are in Washington working with select members of Congress on a strategy to defeat Biden’s betrayals of Israel. We are asking Congress to not only fully fund Israel via the NDAA, but also to include provisions that force the White House to abandon any and all arms embargoes against the Jewish state, while also ensuring that the administration fully supply Israel with all the funds and equipment Congress orders the administration to provide.

Please also consider funding our important work with a special financial gift. Our staff is ONLY able to engage in this level of congressional work defending Israel because of your direct financial support. We simply cannot do this work without you. Please help us continue defending Israel with a generous donation today.

Thank you for your friendship with Israel and for your support as a friend and partner of Christians in Defense of Israel!

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel



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