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Breaking News in Congress about Israel

I have just received breaking news from Washington, D.C. Our staff on Capitol Hill is working with some members of Congress on a plan to defeat Joe Biden’s alienation and abandonment of the world’s only Jewish state. But we need your help. Read on. — Mat

My staff on Capitol Hill just informed me that Congress has begun negotiating the next National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). We are working with members of Congress to use that piece of legislation to force Joe Biden to abandon his anti-Israel ways.

We are asking Congress to not only fully fund Israel via the NDAA but to also include provisions that force the White House to abandon any and all arms embargoes against the Jewish state, while also coercing the administration to fully supply Israel with all funds and equipment Congress orders the administration to provide.

Congressional support for Israel is a mixed bag right now. The hard left is pushing the Democrat Party to alienate and punish Israel. But there are also Jewish Democrats in Congress who oppose the leftist pro-Hamas mobs. They, as well as the pro-Israel Republicans, need our support to ensure Israel gets the funding it needs from the U.S.

Please, fax Congress now and demand they fully fund and supply Israel through the NDAA, including adding measures to force the Biden administration to end its arms embargos and interference with Israel’s sovereignty.

Our staff is ONLY able to engage in this level of congressional work defending Israel because of your direct financial support. We simply cannot do this work without you. Please help us continue defending Israel with a generous donation today.

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel



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Don't forget to fax Congress and sign our petition!