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Joe Biden cuts off vital munitions pledged to Israel, just as the Jewish state enters Rafah to wipe out Hamas — effectively ENDING the U.S.-Israel alliance. Now Israel stands alone in its war for national survival. We must compel Congress to undo the damage Biden has done. Please take a moment to fax Congress and sign our petition, then read on. —Mat

Joe Biden just made history ... and in the worst possible way. After months of bad-mouthing Israel for its “indiscriminate bombing” and its “over the top war,” Biden betrayed Israel by cutting off vital weapons to our nation’s best friend and ally.

That’s the price Israel must pay, Joe says, for invading the last Hamas stronghold, the city of Rafah in southern Gaza where four surviving Hamas battalions are holed up. Israeli forces MUST invade Rafah to eliminate Hamas — but Joe says “NO.”

It’s INSANITY! Israel is fighting a war for its national survival against genocidal enemies — first Hamas, but also Hezbollah and, ultimately, Iran. In the midst of Israel’s existential war, Biden DENIES Israel the weapons it NEEDS to crush its enemies!

And this war is not just for Israel’s security — it is for America’s, too. Iran and its proxies want to destroy Israel first, then the U.S. Despite that and Joe’s “ironclad” commitment to Israel’s security, he is now punishing Israel and rewarding Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unbowed, declaring:

We are determined and we are united in order to defeat our enemies and those who want to destroy us. If we need to stand alone, we will stand alone.

But Israel is not alone. The God of Israel stands with her — and you and I must do the same! Please take a moment to sign and fax our urgent Demand Letter to Congress, calling on both the House and Senate to unleash investigations, pull funding, pound the bully pulpit, and bring impeachment charges against Joe Biden.

As you do, please also consider supporting our ministry with a one-time donation or a recurring monthly gift. Our research and activism supporting Israel are incredibly important, but we cannot do this important work without your generous support.

Finally, please keep praying for Israel and her people!

Mat Staver

Christians in Defense of Israel



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Don't forget to fax Congress and sign our petition!


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