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Trading Israeli Lives For Pro-Hamas Votes

It’s obscene. As Israel wages a must-win, existential war in Gaza to defeat and eliminate Hamas, Joe Biden is waging war on Benjamin Netanyahu, attempting to stop Israel from achieving total victory in Gaza, and siding with pro-Hamas Muslim Americans.

It is critical that America stand with Israel now to ensure it succeeds in fully defeating Hamas. Please join me in calling upon House Speaker Mike Johnson and all of Congress to stop Joe Biden’s attempt to win the war for Hamas. Read on. — Mat

Please take a moment to fax Congress and sign our petition demanding Congress intervene against Joe Biden’s Hamas-rewarding political stunts.

Whether in public or private, Joe Biden is at odds with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Joe calls Israel’s military campaign “over the top.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has effectively accused Israel of dehumanizing Palestinians — much as Hamas dehumanized its Israeli victims who were raped, burned, mutilated, and murdered on Oct. 7. But Blinken’s accusation is grotesque and utterly false.

“Despite the unique challenges Israel faces in its war against Hamas, it has implemented more measures to prevent civilian casualties than any other military in history,” asserts John Spencer, co-director of West Point’s Modern War Institute.

But Biden’s trash talk for Bibi in public and private isn’t the end of it. Team Biden has also considered slow-walking the delivery of needed munitions to Israel to force a slowdown in the war.

Biden took the novel and unprecedented step of issuing U.S. sanctions against four Israeli civilians who allegedly committed crimes of violence against Palestinians in Judea and Samaria. And Biden has also shoved a knife into Israel’s back by announcing plans to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state on Israel’s border.

Further, Biden is also in the process of changing sides — shifting his allegiance from Israel to the Palestinians to curry favor with pro-Hamas Muslim Americans in an election year. Biden sent the number-two man at the National Security Council to Dearborn, Michigan, in February to offer a mea culpa to Muslim-American leaders. The apology came after Muslim Americans complained bitterly about support for Israel from “Genocide Joe.”

The apology was delivered to leaders of a city labeled, with justification, the “Jihad Capital of America.” Public celebrations erupted in Dearborn after Oct. 7. Three days later, a jubilant crowd gathered at the Ford Performing Arts Center to celebrate the carnage against some 1,200 innocent Israelis. A local imam told the crowd that Israeli actions in the past put “fire in our hearts that will burn that state” — Israel — “until its demise.”

Then the Biden administration betrayed Israel in the U.N. Security Council vote that demanded Israel enact a cease-fire without any requirement for Hamas to release hostages. Rather than using the U.S.’s power to veto the measure, and automatically end the U.N.’s farcical cease-fire demands, the Biden administration simply abstained from the vote.


Right now, you can make your voice heard by signing the enclosed petition to Speaker Mike Johnson. He loves Israel, but he needs to hear from people like you who are aghast and infuriated that Joe Biden is willing to sell out Israel to win reelection.

Thank you for your much-appreciated friendship. Together, let’s pray for and stand with Israel in her time of need.

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel



Help us defend Israel in 2024. Your recurring monthly donation will help us fight for Israel’s very survival in the face of a hostile Biden administration. Don't forget to fax Congress and sign our petition.

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