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Israeli Mothers Speak Out

Israeli warriors are heroically battling Hamas terrorists in Gaza — putting their lives at risk to defeat a savage enemy and secure Israel’s future. But victory in Gaza won’t end the conflict. Israel — whether now or in the near future — also will be forced to take on Hezbollah in Lebanon and, ultimately, Iran. But Joe Biden is tying Israel’s hands behind their back, while rewarding Hamas and other terrorists.

We must stand with Israel, and we must compel Congress to do the same. Sign and fax our four-point demand letter today, then read on. — Mat

Please act now to fax Congress your petition!

Hamas is a bloody, ruthless, and rapacious terror force fighting a dirty war. Hamas lurks in tunnels, hides behind civilians, steals so-called humanitarian aid to fuel its war, and stores explosive munitions inside U.N. schools, mosques, and homes.

To those war crimes, add this: Hamas is holding more than 100 innocent Israeli hostages and refuses Red Cross access to these Israeli victims. One released hostage, a 21-year-old woman, was starved, operated on without anesthesia, and lived in constant dread of sexual assault. “Everyone there [in Gaza] is a terrorist,” she said.

In fact, Hamas is hugely popular in Gaza. A December poll found 57% of Gazans think the Hamas slaughter on 10/7 was “correct.”

But instead of publicly denouncing Hamas for its monstrous crimes, Joe Biden smears and pressures the Jewish state. And that is why friends of Israel need to stand with Israel now.

Biden slanders Israel for its “indiscriminate bombing,” says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has to change,” and relentlessly browbeats Israel to scale back the war and lighten up on Hamas.

And that endangers Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers. Because of Biden’s pressure campaign, Israel “is using a smaller force with less reliance on air power and artillery,” the Wall Street Journal observed in December. As a result, WSJ said, “Israel is taking more casualties” and suffering a “rising fatality rate.”

“Here, our fire power is being restrained,” one IDF soldier complained on video. “We're fed up with absorbing these fatalities for no reason."

Other Israelis are taking notice and are unhappy — especially the mothers of IDF troops.

“The U.S. needs to let us win in our own way,” says a mother with the Israeli group Mothers of Combat Soldiers.

Many are demanding an end to the convoys of aid entering Gaza, which are being used to strengthen Hamas’ grip on power.

“Humanitarian aid is a complete and utter joke,” another mom with the group said. “We know very well that it does not go to civilians.” In a recent tragic and appalling episode, a Hamas terrorist killed a Palestinian boy approaching a stockpile of aid. And a Gaza woman told an Al Jazeera reporter that the aid ferried into the Strip disappears into the hands of Hamas. “They take it,” she told a surprised reporter. “They will even shoot me and do whatever they want to me, Hamas.”

I have prepared for your immediate signature a four-point Congressional Action for Israel NOW petition. Let’s count heads and find out just where our elected officials stand.

Please act now to fax Congress your demand for Congress to (1) stand with Israel, (2) end “humanitarian” funds for Hamas, (3) stop sending millions to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA), and (4) permit no PA rule in Gaza and no two-state solution.

And as you respond, please be as generous as you can with your much-needed gift to bless and defend Israel at this time of profound crisis for the Jewish state!

Thank you for your much-appreciated friendship. Together, let’s pray for Israel and stand with her in her time of need.

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel


P.S. As we begin a new year, I ask for your generous and much-needed gift to defend Israel in 2024. Your gift now will help us fight the Biden administration’s attacks on Israel. Please, give generously today! And sign our petition.


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