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BREAKING: You Knew Before Congress!

Thanks to CIDI’s deep connections on Capitol Hill and around the world, you and other friends and supporters were briefed on Joe Biden’s secret Iran Deal a full month before the U.S. Congress was informed!

On 9/11 of all days, exactly one month after I wrote you that Joe Biden had cut a secret deal with the Iranians, the Biden administration finally briefed Congress on his duplicitous, and likely unlawful, “deal” with the Ayatollah of Iran.

As a faithful Christians in Defense of Israel supporter, you knew all about this development even before the U.S. Congress. Only your support allows us the kind of access to break stories like this and activate Congress against this dangerous and blatantly anti-Israel administration.

Israel needs friends more than ever. Continue being counted among those willing to stand for the world’s only Jewish state. Then read on for the news. — Mat

On Aug. 11, 2023, I wrote you, saying:

“In what may be the most expensive ransom payment in history, Joe Biden just gave Iran 6 billion dollars in exchange for five American prisoners. Iran must also promise that they will only use that massive windfall for ‘humanitarian purposes.’”

In June, our team monitoring Washington and the Middle East heard rumors that Biden was arranging a “secret deal” with the murderous Ayatollah of Iran.

What else is Biden hiding about his secret deal with Iran?

By July, the Biden administration vehemently denied it was working on any such deal. We now know that was a bald-faced LIE.

Our investigators uncovered the truth and on Aug. 11, I broke the news to our faithful CIDI supporters:

“The Biden administration agreed to give Iran 6 billion dollars, sanctions that had been frozen in response to Iran’s many previous violations of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’).”

We notified you that the funds were to be “transferred to an account at the central bank of Qatar,” and that Congress “was left in the dark.”

On Monday, September 11, on the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, the Biden administration FINALLY briefed Congress on its dastardly secret deal with the Ayatollah.

But wait, it gets worse … Biden intends to give the Ayatollah 10 billion MORE dollars in addition to the 6 billion we already announced, AND America will also be forced to give the Ayatollah five of his top terrorists that had been held in U.S. prisons!

In a statement released today, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wrote:

“These are only the barest outlines of the staggering concessions that Biden has already made and intends to make to the Ayatollah, including an additional $10 billion transfer and indeed hundreds of billions of dollars by not enforcing oil sanctions. Meanwhile, he has allowed the Iranian regime to all but acquire a virtual nuclear arsenal over the last two and a half years.”

And Iran hasn’t even fully released the American hostages! They are believed to be in “house arrest” somewhere in Tehran. Biden’s National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson told reporters, “While this is a step in the process, no individuals have been or will be released into U.S. custody this week.”

The claims that Iran’s ransom money will only be used for humanitarian purposes are more of Biden’s “malarkey,” as well. Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi told NBC that the funds will be used “wherever we need it.”

Congress MUST investigate Biden’s secret deal NOW to find out what else he has been hiding from the American public and the congressional men and women he is lawfully bound to inform.

What else is Joe Biden hiding about the Iran Deal?!

Please fax Congress now and DEMAND a FULL INVESTIGATION into Biden’s secret negotiations with Iran!

As you do, please consider making a generous one-time donation or even a small recurring monthly donation to support our work. Without your faithful support, we would not have been able to break this important news.

Please continue in prayer for Israel’s safety and security. The Biden administration has proved themselves once again to be enemies of the world’s only Jewish state. Your support and prayers make a difference!

Mat Staver

Christians in Defense of Israel

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Weinthal, Benjamin. “Ted Cruz Slams Biden’s $6B Iran Hostage Deal as Critics Call It a Win for Terrorists, Putin.” Fox News, September 12, 2023.