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After Afghanistan, Is Israel Next?

The Taliban insurgence is being headed by a freed Guantanamo Bay prisoner ... and now Joe Biden wants to close "Gitmo" and set the rest of the imprisoned jihadis free to terrorize the world once again!

Israel has never been in more danger. We can help by demanding Congress take an immediate stand for Israel. Take a moment right now and tell Congress—NO MORE FREED TERRORISTS! DON'T LET JOE BIDEN CLOSE GUANTANAMO BAY! Select here or the button below to send your fax now.

If you want a textbook ... and terrifying ... lesson in how WEAKNESS invites disaster, look at Joe Biden and Afghanistan. It's a lesson that directly impacts Israel ...

Taliban storm troopers gobbled up the beleaguered nation after Biden launched his troop pullout plan. A reporter asked Biden in July if a Taliban takeover would be the inevitable result. Biden firmly and foolishly pronounced, "No ... it is not inevitable."

But by mid-August, the country had collapsed. Panicked Afghans were in flight ... even Afghanistan's president fled the country. With radical Islamic Taliban killers on Kabul's outskirts, U.S. embassy staff shredded documents and scrambled to evacuate. Chaos reigned as thousands tried to flee out of Kabul's airport.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden VACATIONED at Camp David where he engaged in a sick and pathetic bit of blame-shifting. Biden insisted that the unfolding debacle was all President Donald Trump's fault!

But what Biden wants to do next is beyond foolish. In fact, it borders on insane.

Even though a freed prisoner from Guantanamo Bay now leads the Taliban forces in KabulBiden wants to CLOSE "Gitmo" and send all those terrorists back home to the Middle East ... where their reign of terror will begin anew.

In Barack Obama's last term in office, Joe Biden and his former boss freed scores of Guantanamo Bay terrorists ... only to find those former prisoners leading the enemy forces killing our soldiers.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama freed terror monger Khairullah Khairkhwa in 2014. Fast-forward to August 2021, and Khairkhwa is leading the Taliban forces now terrorizing Kabul.

This time around, Biden wants to close Guantanamo Bay all together ... and free every jihadi prisoner held there. More shockingly, Biden is trying to SKIP PAST CONGRESS to achieve his outrageous plan.

Biden is trying to do an end run around Congress to close the terrorist prison because Congress "thwarted previous efforts to close the camp," according to an NBC report. The Biden administration has been proceeding with this plan in secret "because of fears that political outcry might interfere with the rest of Biden's agenda," the news report continued.

Congress STOPPED JOE BIDEN from closing Guantanamo Bay once before. It's time we call on Congress to protect us from a deviant and dangerous jihadi-enabling administration once again.

Tell Congress—STOP the closing of Gitmo. STOP Joe Biden's appeasement. Select here or the button below.


With Biden's open appeasement of Iran's ayatollah, and a "new" Iran Deal likely to pour even more money into Iran's nuclear-warhead-seeking military, these freed Guantanamo Bay terrorists will have the full support and arsenal of Iran backing them ...

And you can be sure those awful terror-generating skills and tools WILL be used against Israel.

We cannot allow Joe Biden to let even one more jihadi go free. Join me in demanding Congress put an immediate stop to Biden's insanity.

DON'T LET BIDEN CLOSE GITMO! Please take a moment right now to send a fax and sign our petition.


The fight for Israel is growing more intense, and our work in Washington, D.C. and across the globe is becoming much more important. Please help us bless Israel by supporting our important work. Make your gift to defend Israel today.

Thank you for your love for Israel, prayers and thoughtful support!

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

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P.P.S. Joe Biden is putting Israel and the entire world at risk by freeing Guantanamo Bay jihadis. We must STOP the Closing of Guantanamo Bay! Please, send your faxes TODAY!

Prefer a petition over a fax? Select here.


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