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Israel Warns: Our Warplanes Reach Iran

Israel just put Joe Biden and Iran on notice, reminding the world that Israel’s warplanes can reach everywhere in the Middle East—including Iran. Israel WILL NOT allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb. Read on for the news, but first sign our urgent petition! —Mat

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Joe Biden continues chasing the Ayatollah’s robes trying to get a new Iran Deal.

But Iran has made clear it will not tolerate any further limitations to its nuclear program. The best the jihad-minded country is reportedly willing to offer is to stop retaliatory actions and violations.

Israel, for its part, does not consider itself bound by Joe Biden’s folly. Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen warned, “A bad deal will send the region spiraling into war,” when speaking to the press earlier this week.

“Anyone seeking short-term benefits should be mindful of the longer-term,” Cohen continued. “Israel will not allow Iran to attain nuclear arms. Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our planes can reach everywhere in the Middle East—and certainly Iran.”

In addition to denying Iran the means of enriching uranium and developing ballistic missiles, Iran must also be forced to stop “destabilizing other countries” through direct action or by indirectly funding terrorists.

Iran continues to insist its nuclear research is strictly peaceful. But such words are difficult to believe considering Iran’s long record of terror. And they are impossible to believe considering Iran’s recent attacks on Israel.

Despite Iran’s long record, or even their current words, Joe Biden continues to try to appease Iran at the expense of Israel. We cannot let this happen!

It is obscene to think that America, the very country that helped re-establish Israel, is now actively working toward Israel’s destruction. Help us stop this awful progression now, by signing our urgent petition.

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"Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob" (Psalm 114:7).

Mat Staver, Chairman
Christians in Defense of Israel

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