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Who Is the Real War Criminal

In a severe blow to Israel, the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced plans last month to prosecute the Jewish state for "war crimes."

Protect the people of Israel – sign the Jordan Valley Petition TODAY!

The United Nations-created ICC is targeting the Middle East's one-and-only democracy for alleged "crimes against humanity."

Not Syria, which tortured and killed some 500,000 of its own civilians during the last decade.

And not Iran, which funds terror abroad while crushing religious freedom and torturing and killing its own citizens at home.

Instead, it's Israel, a nation committed to the rule of law and which has the world's most humane military.

But in stark contrast, Iranian Quds Force (Jerusalem Force) commander Qassem Soleimani attacked civilians. He backed the killing of innocents – even going so far as to approve the drilling of holes into children's legs!  Yet instead of investigating these types of horrific ACTUAL war crimes, the UN backed ICC wants to go after Israeli citizens for the so called 'crime' of living on their own land – land they have continually occupied for thousands of years.

Not only would Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli officials be prosecuted, but Israeli citizens would be FORCED FROM THEIR HOMES!

YOUR signature NOW will help thousands of Israelites to remain in their homes! - Select here to sign

Prime Minister Netanyahu calls it "pure anti-Semitism." And he's right.

It's another grotesque example of the bizarre, anti-Semitic United Nations at work. And it's a further reason—though none is needed – that America MUST recognize Israel's formal annexation of the Jordan Valley.  If we do not, and if the ICC continues this ridiculous 'war crimes' investigation, Israelites living in that area may not only lose the land their families have occupied for thousands of years, but they may also be individually prosecuted by the ICC.

YOUR signature NOW will help thousands of Israelites to remain in their homes! - Select here to sign

As the strongest nation on earth, and the world's best defender of the Holy Land outside Israel; it is incumbent on YOU AND ME to ensure President Trump acts now to protect the Jordan Valley from the Palestinians who mean to steal it and destroy Israel!

PLEASE – sign the Jordan Valley Annex Petition TODAY!

Our official recognition would provide the best possible protection for the Israelites who live in the Jordan Valley.

YOUR signature NOW will help thousands of Israelites to remain in their homes! - Select here to sign

Please sign now. If the anti-Semitic ICC gets their way, mothers, fathers, children and the elderly could be forced from their houses and left homeless just to satisfy the whims of ever power and land-hungry Palestinians.  Time is short, we must act now!

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel