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"Deep State" Attacks Bibi, Trump

You and I have watched America’s deep state savage President Donald Trump over the last three years. It’s been brutal, but thankfully their attacks have done little.

Despite the Russia hoax and the impeachment witch hunt, the president notched a 48% approval rating in an Emerson poll released Thursday. President Trump’s numbers are moving up in the midst of the ongoing attacks.

But in Israel, it’s a different story. There, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s deep state enemies are already measuring him for an orange jump suit—the prison garb they hope he wears sometime in the near future.

The Israeli deep state, many analysts contend, is using the law to unfairly target and prosecute Israel’s most successful and longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

The hammer fell days ago when Israel’s attorney general announced he was indicting the prime minister in three cases alleging fraud, breach of trust and bribery.

Netanyahu called the shocking action “an attempted coup against a prime minister” and vowed to fight the charges.

Like Trump, Netanyahu is a polarizing and transformative leader. Entrenched interests revile him—as they do Trump. But his tenure as prime minister corresponds with Israel’s booming economy and its emergence as one of the world’s strongest nations.

Because both Bibi and Trump face vicious enemies who are manipulating the power of the state to oust them from office, I’m asking you to pray. Ask God to protect the Jewish state in the midst of its tumult. And pray that justice will be done.

To let Prime Minister Netanyahu know you’re praying for him—and to send the same message to President Trump—click the button below!

The commentary excerpted below gives you insight into what’s happening now in Israel. –Mat

The Israeli deep state—just like its American counterpart—is using the levers of power to attempt to unseat a popular elected leader. It hasn’t worked in President Donald Trump’s case. But yesterday, Israel’s attorney general announced a criminal indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

To help you make sense of what’s happening, I’m excerpting Israeli journalist Caroline Glick’s superb analysis:

Last February, at the height of the first election campaign of the year, when Netanyahu and his right wing coalition partners were leading in all polls by a wide margin, Mandelblit took the unprecedented – and legally dubious – step of announcing his intention to indict Netanyahu of those charges – pending a pre-indictment hearing. The moment he made his announcement, the right began to slide in the polls. The Leader had spoken. And we had no right to question him. Blue and White’s scattershot campaign converged around Mandelblit’s “recommendation.” The left had a rallying cry and a reason to vote. Netanyahu’s neck was on the chopping block.

Ever since Mandelblit gave his “recommendations,” he and his comrades have been the only political actors with any power to speak of. Our actual elected leaders were rendered bit players in the lawyers’ regime. Mandelblit’s announcement Thursday just made it official.

To the cheers of Israel’s corrupt media, for the past three years our legal overlords have gnawed away at all aspects of political power in Israel, and in the process – not that they cared – they corrupted Israel’s legal system from top to bottom. From beginning to end, their criminal persecution of Netanyahu has been a travesty of every norm in democratic societies governed by the rule of law. Carefully edited and wholly distorted recordings and transcripts of police interrogations of Netanyahu, his wife, son, and advisors were systematically leaked to the media. The fact that every such leak was a felony offense was of no matter. Netanyahu’s attorneys submitted request after request for Mandelblit to order an investigation of the criminal leaks. All were summarily and scornfully rejected.

As the probes escalated, overseen by State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan, police investigators extorted Netanyahu’s closest advisors to coerce them into becoming state witnesses against the most successful and admired prime minister Israel has ever had. Investigators threatened Netanyahu’s former spokesman Nir Hefetz that they would destroy his family and bankrupt him if he didn’t turn on Netanyahu. They finally succeeded in breaking him after incarcerating him in a flea-infested jail cell for 15 nights, denying him sleep and medical treatment and bringing a young woman he knew into an interrogation room next to him and then threatening to destroy his family.

That gives you a sense of what's happening now in Israel—and why it's so important that you and I pray for the Jewish state at this difficult and delicate time.

Not only is Israel's prime minister facing indictment, but the nation is now in political stalemate after two elections within six months failed to produce a governing majority. On top of that, Iran and its surrogates—Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria, the Houthis in Yemen and Hamas in Gaza—are threatening Israel.

+ + Stand with and pray for both P.M. Netanyahu an President Trump

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Thank you for your prayers and for standing with Israel and this difficult moment.

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver