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Kurds Plead with U.S. for Help

Kurdish fighters issued an impassioned plea for help Saturday, asking America to assume its "moral obligations" to help them fight Turkey's land and air invasion that began last week.
Turkey attacked after President Donald Trump washed his hands of the conflict and ordered U.S. troops to pull back from the Syria/Turkey border.
President Trump's abrupt move opened the door to a mushrooming humanitarian crisis, with more than 50 civilians killed and more than 100,000 forced to flee their homes so far. It also puts Israel at risk.
That's why, if you haven't already, I'm asking you to join me now in an immediate flash petition to President Trump.
I want to collect 10,000 signatures on a petition urging the President to reverse course . . . to stand with our allies, the Kurdish people who have bravely fought ISIS and other Islamic extremists, and to stand with Israel.
We're still shy of that number, so if you haven't already signed, please act today.
To sign the petition right away, click here now. And see below for why Israel is so alarmed. -Mat

Because of Turkey's invasion of their territory, Kurdish fighters called on the U.S. to come to its aid Saturday.

"Our allies had guaranteed us protection... but suddenly and without warning they abandoned us in an unjust decision to withdraw their troops from the Turkish border," the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces said in a statement.

"We call on our allies to fulfill their duties and assume their moral obligations," the statement read, by "closing the air space to Turkish warplanes."

Shortly after President Trump ordered U.S. troops off Turkey's border with Syria last week, Turkish jets streaked into northeastern Syria targeting Kurdish forces. After an intensive bombardment campaign, Turkish troops rolled in.

An estimated 100,000 civilians have fled. We have received reports that several Christians have been killed.

And there's just one reason war erupted when it did: President Trump's stunning decision to stand down while Turkey slaughters our allies, the Kurds.

President Trump's action has alarmed Israel because it signals a lack of American resolve. Michael Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., told the New York Times it was no longer clear that Israel could "bank on" U.S. support if the Jewish state ever got into a major war.

It's crucial that you and I make our voices heard.

Because time is short, I am asking you to respond today in a massive petition campaign to President Trump. I want to deliver more than 10,000 signatures on a petition asking the President to reverse course . . . to stand with the Kurdish people and to stand with Israel.

+ + Move opens the gates of hell

President Trump is a good man and a great president. He is a fierce friend of Israel and a strong leader on the international stage. But his catastrophic decision to yank American soldiers off the Turkey/Syria border has opened the gates of hell.

And that's why I urge you to join me now in urging the President to reverse course.

Again, the war in northeastern Syria is raging and America's allies in the fight against ISIS are under assault. More than 100,000 Christians live in the region and are at great risk.

+ + Sign the petition now!

Please act right away. Sign CIDI's "Mr. President, Reverse Course!" petition now. Stand with the Kurdish people--stand with Israel.

And please give generously to support this campaign and everything CIDI does to bless and defend Israel!

With appreciation,

Mat Staver