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Trump Unloads On Omar, Tlaib

President Donald Trump attacked Congresswoman Ilhan Omar yesterday. "Rep. Tlaib wants to cut off aid to Israel," he tweeted. "This is the face of the Democrat Party?"

Trump's blast came after Tlaib joined fellow Muslim, Rep. Ilhan Omar in attacking Israel for denying entry to them last week.

In retaliation, Omar talked openly Monday about cutting Israel’s lifeline—U.S. aid to Israel—a view which Tlaib endorses.

You and I must respond! Would you join me in a flash petition to key House and Senate leaders?

We’ve created a crucial "Don't Cut U.S. Aid to Israel!" petition. It reaffirms our strong support for American aid to Israel. And it states unequivocally that we stand by Israel and fiercely oppose Omar and Tlaib's vicious demonization of the world's one and only Jewish state.

I want to gather many thousands of signatures and have this petition waiting for House and Senate leaders when they return from recess on September 3.

And if you’ve already signed, THANK YOU! Of course, your generous support now will fuel this and other efforts to defend Israel against its vicious enemies here at home.

+  +  Omar puts in the knife

In remarks that totally adopted the Palestinian narrative, Omar offered a poisonous rationale for cutting U.S. aid to Israel . . .

"We give Israel more than $3 million in aid every year," she said. "This is predicated on their being an important ally in the region and the 'only democracy' in the Middle East."

"But denying a visit to duly elected members of Congress is not consistent with being an ally, and denying millions of people freedom of movement or expression or self-determination is not consistent with being a democracy," she said.

And then she stuck in the knife...

"We must be asking, as Israel's ally, (that) the Netanyahu government stop the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land and ensure full rights for Palestinians if we are to give them aid.”

+  +  Trump responds to the venomous duo...

Shortly after Omar put U.S. support for Israel on the chopping block, a reporter asked Trump if he would do the same.

"I would not cut off aid to Israel," Trump shot back. He said the idea of cutting off aid to Israel would never have come up five or even three years ago.  But it has, “...because of two people that hate Israel and hate Jewish people.”

“I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation,” Trump added. “Where has the Democratic Party gone?"

Well, the truth is that Democrats are souring on Israel. Consider the following . . .

  • House Democrats refused to “name and shame” Omar in March for her vicious anti-Semitism, including the vile claim that Jewish money—the “Benjamins” as Omar put it in her smear—buys American support for Israel.
  • Every Democrat running for president boycotted the AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) conference this spring.
  • Bernie Sanders, a leading Democratic presidential candidate, blasted the Israeli government, calling it “racist.”
  • Freshman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—a vocal Democratic Socialist—condemned Israel for committing a “massacre” against Palestinians in Gaza. She says cutting aid to Israel is “certainly on the table.”

What makes this all the more worrisome is that the Democratic party chairman has called Ocasio-Cortez the “future of our party.” Add to that two more faces: Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

All three have put U.S. aid to Israel on the block. And they’re not alone.

The co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus--a powerful block of about 100 House Democrats--agrees with Omar, Tlaib and AOC.

"I think we're going to have to have some serious conversations even about financial support," Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis) told The Hill after Israel banned Omar and Tlaib.

Frankly, all this is chilling. House Democrats openly talk about cutting aid to Israel after it refuses to let two House members who are open enemies of the Jewish state stage a propaganda tour of what they call "Palestine!"

And that's why I invite you to immediately sign our "Don't Cut U.S. Aid to Israel!" petition. It's crucial that House and Senate leaders know right away where you and I stand.

As you respond, would you prayerfully consider a gift today to Christians in Defense of Israel?

Your much-needed generosity and your prayers fuel this powerful outreach to bless and defend the Jewish state. With your help, we're advocates for Israel on Capitol Hill, across America and in Israel itself where we lead transformational visits to the Holy Land through our allied ministry, Covenant Journey.

But we can’t do it without you. Please consider a gift today.

And as you sign and give, I want to send you a very special gift--one that answers the lies in which Israel-haters like Omar and Tlaib traffic. See what it is when you sign the petition.

Please sign the petition and make your gift today!

Thank you for your heart for Israel and for partnering with CIDI now to make our voice heard!

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver