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Bernie Sanders Speaking to Radical Islam Event

Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders speaks in late August to a Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Sanders will address a huge ISNA conference in Houston where some 30,000 are expected.

During the Obama presidency, presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett also spoke to an ISNA gathering where she proclaimed, “we also share common dreams – for security, progress, and opportunity.”

I can’t speak for Jarrett—or former President Barack Hussein Obama—but I’m certain most Americans don’t share the dreams of ISNA or the Muslim Brotherhood. Here’s why . . .

  • The Muslim Brotherhood seeks a global caliphate in which the world is ruled by Sharia, the Islamic legal code.
  • The Brotherhood's plan for America is to wage "a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within," according to a secret Brotherhood document that was uncovered by the FBI.
  • ISNA's current president said in 2006, "Our job is to change the Constitution of America."

One more thing. The Brotherhood wants to destroy Israel. “We will get rid of it no matter how long it takes,” the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide said in 2007.

Sanders, a harsh critic of Israel, may not know or care about any of this.

But his presence at the ISNA conference confers legitimacy on a group named an unindicted co-conspirator in America’s largest terror-funding trial. It shows the deep inroads radical Islam has made into American politics and government.

And all this has happened for one reason only: A highly successful Muslim Brotherhood campaign to censor the truth about Islam.

You and I must not let this campaign continue!

Which is why CIDI is calling on President Trump to "Tell the Truth About Islam." Our petition to the President urges him to restore objective, fact-based, truth-telling about Islam to U.S. military training.

Will you sign the petition now? As you do, I ask you to make a generous gift of 35, 75 or 150 dollars to support CIDI's work to bless and defend Israel and the Jewish people.

+  +  Muslim groups demand censorship

Let me give you an example of this censorship campaign at work.

In 2011, a coalition of 57 Muslim groups — including ISNA — fired off a strongly worded letter demanding that the Obama administration end "the use of bigoted trainers and materials" within the federal government.

Six months later, Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey ordered the U.S. military to purge all instructional materials "disrespectful of the Islamic religion."

By 2015, the purge was so complete that FBI and Homeland Security agents and analysts could not even use terms like "Islam."

That is one of the seminal moments in what’s been called the “Great Purge”—a Muslim Brotherhood campaign to censor the truth about radical Islam from our country, including America’s warriors.

+  +  Despite Trump, censorship still in force

And more than two years into the presidency of Donald Trump, the truth about Islam is still hard to find in the American defense establishment.

Just two months ago, the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Council on Islamic America Relations (CAIR), forced the Army War College to cancel a lecture on Islam’s military history.

That’s information our military needs, but CAIR succeeded in censoring it.

This is why you and I must call on President Trump to act NOW to reverse the Great Purge. It's past time to restore accurate, objective instruction about Islam, its history and its aims, to the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the Justice Department and the State Department.

Sign the "Tell the Truth About Islam!" petition to President Trump. And as you do, please make a generous gift to help CIDI stand for Israel.

Your generosity now is much-needed and will make a real difference in defending the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism is rising across the world — even in the U.S. Congress where some elected officials attack "racist" Israel.

+  +  Why you and I need to act

CAIR and its Islamist allies have been extending their tentacles into the U.S. intelligence and defense establishment for decades. Today, their influence is deeply entrenched.

And things will not change unless you and I act.

Please sign the enclosed "Tell the Truth About Islam!" petition.

As you do, I ask you to help us fight on Israel's behalf. Your prayers and financial support are very much appreciated.

In thanks for your gift, I'm eager to send you two fascinating resources you need on the threat we face: CAIR: Lobbying for Islam, Linked to Terror and The Muslim Brotherhood: Allah's Agents of Conquest.

Please let me hear from you right away.

Thank you for your love of America and for Israel!

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver

P.S. The time is now to demand that our nation's warriors get the truth about Islam and the grave threat it poses. Sign the "Tell the Truth About Islam!" petition to President Trump and send your much-needed gift today!