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UN Affirms Iran, Denounces Israel

Iran today is a nation in which Islamic law—Sharia—governs with an iron grip. It’s a place where authorities arrest and jail women who refuse to wear Muslim head coverings known as hijabs.

When Vida Movahedi staged a public protest of that misogynistic law last year in Tehran, police arrested her. A picture on Twitter shows her standing on a street, holding a stick with her hijab at the end. For that, the 31-year-old mother of a two-year-old child is now in an Iranian prison.

Iran’s morality police arrested at least 39 women last year for removing their head-scarves in public. For that “crime,” Shaparak Shajarizadeh was sentenced to 20 years,” reports Amnesty International, with 18 years suspended. According to Amnesty,

"She fled Iran after she was released on bail and has since described in media interviews how she was subjected to torture and other ill-treatment in solitary confinement and denied access to her lawyer.

Torture, imprisonment, solitary confinement. That’s how the Islamic Republic of Iran abuses women who defy its silly, but deadly serious, law forcing them to wear the hijab.

+  +  Netanyahu: "theater of the absurd"

So, of course, the United Nations is denouncing this blatant violation of the rights of women. Correct?

Not at all. Instead, the UN in March placed Iran on its women’s rights committee assigned to evaluate charges of women’s rights violations.

That’s just a glimpse of the strange, sick world of the UN.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls it a “theater of the absurd.”

It's a place where Israel can do almost no right. And rogue states like Syria, Iran and North Korea can do almost no wrong. Last  year, the 193-nation UN General Assembly passed 21 resolutions condemning Israel. But only six targeting any other nation in the world.

Somehow, the Middle East’s one true democracy—a lighthouse of freedom—deserved three times more censure than all other nations.

Recently, the global body did it again. The UN Economic and Social Council approved 40-2 a resolution that targets Israel and only Israel for alleged violations of women’s rights.

At the same time, it skipped over Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan--all nations notorious for misogynistic policies and for denying basic rights to women.

Year after year, the UN viciously attacks, maligns and demonizes the only Jewish state. Legal scholar Anne Bayefsky denounces it as the “world’s leading purveyor of anti-Semitism.” And this has been going on for decades.

Nearly 40 years ago, America’s ambassador to the UN, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, charged the UN was “pathologically obsessed” with Israel. She blasted it as “the principal forum of a concerted worldwide campaign against” the Jewish state.

Today, the UN is a worthless institution and an insult to the very notion of international collaboration for justice—which is why, with your help, we’ve called on President Trump and Congress to defund this bureaucratic black hole.

+  +  Your help needed now!

But because the UN still dominates the world’s diplomatic stage, its pronouncements make headlines worldwide. And that’s why it’s so effective in spreading the poison of hate for Israel across the globe.

And why I ask for your help to defend Israel today.

Because of friends like you, Christians in Defense of Israel takes on the haters. We publish pamphlets and books that tell the amazing story of Israel and the Jewish people. We stand for Israel on Capitol Hill and across America.

And with your help, we’re raising up young champions for Israel who love God through Covenant Journey—the unique program which takes college-age Christian leaders to Israel for 10-day transformational visits.

Will you give to help CIDI keep on standing for Israel and do even more to bless the Jewish people?

And when you give, I want to send you a special resource sharing shocking information about the United Nations and its “diplomatic” war on Israel.

Please let me hear from you today!

Thank you for your friendship and your love for Israel.

Mathew D. Staver