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Bibi: Iran Trying to "Blackmail" World

Iran defied the world again today. Its president declared that the radical Islamic regime will increase its uranium enrichment "by whatever amount we feel like."

That’s a not-so-veiled threat.

"They're hoping, that regime, that by violating the deal it will be able to blackmail the world into making concessions and reducing the economic pressure on it," said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Iran’s blackmail now is just a prelude of what would happen if their twisted theocrats ever got the Bomb.

That’s why you and I must pray—and stand with Israel!

With Mideast tensions shooting skyward, I’m launching a Pray for Israel campaign. And I’m asking you to join me.

Sign the "Yes, I Will Pray for Israel!" pledge now. As you do, I ask for your gift to help us stand for Israel in Washington, across America, in Israel itself and around the world.

And I’m eager to tell you what’s driving Iran’s malevolent hatred for Israel—and why P.M. Netanyahu calls the Israel-hating regime a “messianic apocalyptic cult” –Mat.

You’ll be surprised to learn why Iran routinely threatens to annihilate Israel. And why it has invested billions to make it happen. Frankly, it’s bizarre.

The mullahs ruling Tehran are looking for the return of the “Mahdi,” a mystical figure not seen since the 10th century. They think this leader will somehow reappear and serve as Allah’s representative on earth.

And that he will lead a global jihad from Jerusalem in which Islam conquers the world.

But Tehran doesn't have to passively wait for the Mahdi's arrival. Iran's twisted theocrats, like other Shia Muslims, believe they can hasten his appearance by destroying Israel and capturing Jerusalem.

As one Muslim thinker put it, "The liberation of Jerusalem is the preface for liberating the world and establishing the [Mahdi's] state of justice and values on earth."

In plain terms, Iran’s rulers think conquering Jerusalem is the first step to Muslim domination of the world.

And because Israel stands in the way, they insist Israel must go. Nuclear weapons will help make that happen.

This is the wild but extremely dangerous apocalyptic vision that animates Iran's delusional Islamic rulers. It's why they have poured billions into the development of ballistic missiles. And why they desperately want atomic weapons.

+  +  Join me in prayer for Israel

But despite Iran's mad ambitions, God tells Israel "No weapon formed against you shall prosper" (Isaiah 54:17). That's a promise you and I must claim as we pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem.

Will you join me in concerted prayer for Israel at this crucial hour? Please sign the "Yes, I Will Pray for Israel" pledge.

And as you do, I ask you to send your best gift to strengthen CIDI’s work on Israel’s behalf.

At a time of rising Middle East tension, it's crucial that America stands strong for Israel. Yet, incredibly, many in Congress are more critical of Israel than Iran.

That threatens our nation’s pro-Israel stance. And it’s why CIDI’s voice on Capitol Hill and in the culture needs to be stronger than ever. Your gift will help make that happen. Please stand with us now in generous support!

To thank you for your gift, I'm eager to send you a special resource that will help you intercede with clarity and focus for Israel. "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" is a captivating look at what the Bible tells you and me about petitioning God on Israel's behalf.

This pamphlet addresses the awesome power of intercessory prayer. You’ll see how your prayers can help unlock God’s prophetic plan for the Jewish people and the world.

+  +  Jesus—not the Mahdi—will rule in Jerusalem

Israel is at the heart of God’s prophetic purpose. And despite Iran’s vain hope of seating the Mahdi on a throne in Jerusalem, the Messiah Jesus is the one who will actually return in triumph to the Holy City and reign, as Prince of Peace, over the world!

But right now, we're in the throes of an escalating Middle East crisis. It could lead to war and Israel is at the center of it all. That's why you and I must pray--and stand strong for Israel.

Again, I invite you to sign the "Yes, I Will Pray for Israel!" pledge right now.

And as you give, we'll be delighted to send you "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem." This special pamphlet is a captivating look at what the Bible tells you and me about petitioning God on Israel's behalf. You'll see how your prayers can help unlock God's prophetic plan for the Jewish people and the world.

Together, let's lift up Israel at this time of crisis. Sign the "Yes, I Will Pray for Israel!" pledge and make your gift today!

Thank you for your friendship and love for the Jewish people!

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver