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Dems Fund Palestinian Corruption on Your Dime

President Donald Trump slashed Palestinian aid to zero early this year—refusing to reward Palestinian Authority attacks with taxpayer dollars. But House Democrats tucked a gift of 226 million to the Palestinians in a massive appropriations bill. And they did so despite rampant Palestinian Authority corruption.

That’s why your voice and mine urgently needs to be heard on Capitol Hill. See my update and take advantage of CIDI’s fax Congress service to speak out now! -Mat.

It’s bad enough that the Palestinian Authority (PA) uses radio, television, textbooks and every other conceivable means to “repeatedly reject Israel's right to exist,” as Palestinian Media Watch reports. And that its “pay to slay” policy lavishes more than $300 million annually on terrorists who kill and wound Israelis.

What makes this all the worse is the Palestinian Authority’s unchecked corruption. An amazing 80 percent of Palestinians themselves think the PA is corrupt, according to a December 2018 poll. They’re right.

A European Union audit found that a staggering 2.28 billion dollars in EU aid to Palestinians vanished to corruption between 2008 and 2012.

One quick example: Until 2017, the PA budget had a shady line item funding salaries for 190 employees of the non-existent “Palestine Airlines.”

“Palestine Airlines” is fiction, but PA President Mahmoud Abbas flies in a 50 million dollar jet, purchased by the PA. He hasn’t faced voters since 2005, when he won a four-year term. Fourteen years later, he continually rejects new elections. Nearly two-thirds of Palestinians want him to go, but he clings to power. And one way is by handing out money to corrupt supporters.

Abbas personally approved a 67 percent hike in salaries for government ministers, according to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Meanwhile, the PA cut wages for its clerks by 40 percent in March.

Despite all this, our Capitol Hill staff reports that House Democrats are trying to get millions in U.S. taxpayer money to the Palestinians. They also want to return to the failed “two-state solution.”

It’s all a deceitful attempt to use the appropriations process to reverse President Donald Trump’s strong pro-Israel policy.

+  +  Here's what's happening...

Take a look at what Democrats have embedded in the massive "Megabus #1" appropriations bill. This legislative monstrosity combines separate appropriations bills and hides dangerously misguided, anti-Israel provisions in its many pages.

House Democrats want to reverse Trump policy by writing the following proposals into law...

1. Failed Two-State Solution. The appropriations package endorses the so-called "two-state solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Fans of this failed idea--also known as "land for peace"--tout it as the only possible solution. But it's been in circulation since at least 1937. And despite successive attempts to make "land for peace" work, all attempts have failed.

Worse, bloodshed has followed. In the case of the Oslo agreements, the two-state formula ushered in a period of bloody Palestinian uprisings. And when Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005, ceding the coastal strip in a naive bid for peace, Palestinians showed their gratitude by showering the Jewish state with rockets and missiles.

2. Millions in Palestinian aid. President Trump slashed aid in 2018 to the Palestinian Authority which pays out millions to Palestinians who attack and kill Israelis. The family of the Palestinian terrorist who killed American Tyler Force--an Iraq war veteran--now enjoys a regular stipend from the PA. Despite that, Democrats want to funnel more millions to the Palestinians.

The Democrats' appropriations package awards Palestinian intransigence with $226 million in aid. These taxpayer dollars are designated for humanitarian and development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza. But the money could easily help fund terror attacks on Israelis or Americans.

That's because the Palestinian Authority has a reprehensible policy of rewarding terrorists and their families with lifetime payments. In 2018, the Palestinian Authority budgeted $340 million for its "pay to slay" program. And your tax dollars could help fund this horrible system if the Democrats have their way.

+  +  Fax the Senate today!

You can make your voice heard in opposition to these dangerous anti-Israel proposals which could become law unless we act now. And the place to make our message heard is the Senate, where the House appropriations "Megabus #1" is headed.

We've selected key Senators to target—including Sen. Graham who sits on the Appropriations Committee—and you can reach them today using our fax to Congress service.

Please join me and others in sending a loud and clear signal. Tell senators not to let these anti-Israel provisions become law.

The Senate is the one place where you and I can stop this--but that won't happen unless we speak out. You can do that right now by sending a pre-written fax telling senators to remove these anti-Israel provisions from the "Megabus #1" House appropriations package.

And because time is short, I ask you to act immediately. Join me in telling the Senate to strip out these failed and dangerous anti-Israel provisions.

As you do, your generous support will be greatly appreciated to help us fight for Israel on Capitol Hill and throughout America!

Thank you for your love for Israel and your partnership with CIDI!

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver