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"Trump Heights" on the Golan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a new community named "Trump Heights" this week on the Golan Heights. Known in Hebrew as "Ramat Trump," the new, yet-to-be-built community honors President Trump for recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan.

With your generous help, CIDI works to defend Israel's God-given right to the land of Israel—all of it. But many in Washington and the international community want to divide the land to make peace. Learn more below and discover the ultimate source of Israel's claim to its land —Mat.

For half a century, U.S. State Department maps called the Golan Heights "Israeli-occupied territory." No more.

Because President Trump recognized Israel’s sovereignty over this mountainous plateau on Israel's northeast corner, official U.S. government maps now show that the Golan belongs to Israel.

Trump gave Netanyahu a framed copy of the revised map with his distinctive signature. He drew an arrow on the map pointing to the Golan and wrote: "Nice!"

But here's the thing: Not just Golan, which Trump recognized, but the so-called West Bank and, of course, Jerusalem belong to Israel, too.

With your help CIDI is defending Israel's right to the land. Thanks to friends like you, we pressed the White House to recognize the Golan. And friends like you joined us in warning the Trump administration not to endorse the so-called "two-state solution."

But to keep on fighting for Israel, I need your help. Will you consider a generous donation today to help us make the case for Israel on Capitol Hill and across American culture?

To make your gift and to help us defend Israel's right to the land, CLICK HERE NOW!

+  +  Dramatic Flair at the UN

Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, revealed the foundation for Israel's claim to the land in a speech to the UN Security Council. And he did so with dramatic flair.

Grabbing a Bible and donning his yarmulke, the Ambassador read, first in Hebrew and then in English, from God's promise to Abraham made 4,000 years ago:

"And I will give to you, and to your descendants after you, all the land of Cana'an, for an everlasting possession."

Then closing the Bible and holding it aloft, Danon told the most powerful nations on earth: "This is the deed to our land."

That is "holy hutzpah!"

+  +  Dismissing God's Word...and dividing the land

And yet the nations of the world—including their representatives at the UN—dismiss God's Word. They want to divide up the land God gave Israel. That's the idea behind the so-called "two-state solution."

It's an idea many in Washington champion, too. Democrats endorsed the "two-state solution" in their pending appropriations package. And Sen. Lindsey Graham, a strong Israel supporter, recently said the creation of separate Israeli and Palestinian states is the only solution for peace.

But God has spoken. And the promises of God trump the plans and will of men!

The fate of Israel and control of the Promised Land may be debated by men, but it has already been declared by God. And today, those of us who believe His Word must take our stand in defense of His chosen people before it is too late!

Your gift today of $25, $75 or even $250 will help us defend the right of the Jewish people to the land God promised them as their eternal possession.

This promise includes what some called the "West Bank," but which has been known for ages as Judea and Samaria—Israel's biblical heartland. And the land of Israel most certainly includes its capital, Jerusalem, the city King David conquered 3,000 years ago.

Christians in Defense of Israel is only able to be such a powerful and effective defender of God's chosen people because of the help of friends like you.

When you stand in defense of Israel, you fulfill the conditions of the promise of Genesis 12:3. You will be blessed—and so will your family and our nation.

Please let us hear from you today. The need is great, and we must not fail to respond!

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver

P.S. God has promised blessings to those who bless the Jewish people, and those promises, like His promises for the future of the land, are certain and sure. Please give a generous gift today.