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Update from Israel: New elections!

Greetings from Israel! See my update below and please consider helping CIDI overcome a difficult budget deficit. Your generous support now will help us do even more to fight for Israel! To give, CLICK HERE NOW.

Thank you. And I'm eager to share a lesson from Masada below! -Mat

Israel voters go back to the polls September 17 for an election "do over." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party won 35 seats in the just-passed April election but had to get the support of several smaller parties to create a ruling coalition.

Despite intense efforts, he fell one vote short of the 61-seat multi-party coalition needed to form a governing majority in Israel's 120-seat Knesset (Parliament) before the May 28 deadline.

So it's back to balloting.

Pray for the nation of Israel at this time of political tumult.

+ + Lesson from Masada...

As you may recall I'm in Israel this week leading a wonderful group of Covenant Journey participants. Yesterday, we visited Masada, the desert mountaintop fortress built by Herod the Great between 37 and 31 BC.

Jewish rebels took refuge at Masada after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. Under siege, they chose death over defeat. Today, when Israeli soldiers swear their oath of allegiance--sometimes at Masada itself--they declare, "Masada shall never fall again."

That resolve--to be steadfast in defense of Israel--is one we share as friends of the world's only Jewish nation. And thanks to people like you, we have witnessed amazing pro-Israel progress in the last two years!

With your help, CIDI has pushed for and helped achieve historic progress in U.S.-Israel relations. Under President Trump, America's most pro-Israel president ever...

  • America recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moved our embassy to the Holy City.
  • The Trump administration shut down all U.S. funding for the Palestinian Authority, which pays Palestinian terrorists to attack Israelis.
  • The U.S. stopped sending millions of taxpayer dollars to UNRWA--a UN agency which incites Palestinians to hate Israel.
  • America withdrew from the dangerous Iran nuclear deal.

The pro-Israel gains so far are phenomenal...yet so much more needs to be done. And now is the time to act. You and I must not squander the opportunity we now have under President Trump--the best friend Israel has ever had in the Oval Office.

For that reason, I ask for your generous month-end gift now to help us fight for Israel.

+ + Safeguard Israel Agenda status report

With your help, we want to see CIDI's entire 2019 eight-point Safeguard Israel Agenda completed. Here's what has been done, is pending, and is yet to be achieved...

Accomplished or in process

  • Recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. ACCOMPLISHED
  • Nominate and confirm another staunchly pro-Israel ambassador to the UN. PENDING. Trump's nominee, Kelly Craft, is a solid choice who will stand with Israel.
  • Designate the anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. PENDING. President Trump supports this vital move and is working to implement it.

Still to be achieved

  • Stop U.S. funding of the United Nations--the world's most prominent outpost of anti-Semitism
  • Shield Israel and Israeli companies from the BDS movement by supporting and signing the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.
  • Reject the bankrupt "two-state solution," a failed formula for Israeli and Palestinian peace.
  • Hold terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah directly accountable for using civilians as human shields by passing the "STOP Using Human Shields Act."
  • Expose the Palestinian Authority's horrid use of textbooks to poison young minds with hate for Israel by passing and signing the "Palestinian Authority Educational Curriculum Transparency Act."

+ + Will you help us fight for Israel?

As you can see, much has been achieved, but much remains to be done.

To keep on fighting for Israel and to make the most of this time of favor and opportunity for Israel, I ask for your help now.

Your generosity now, in any amount, will help us defeat a difficult budget shortfall and do even more to safeguard and bless Israel.

To make your much-needed gift, please CLICK HERE NOW!

Thank you for your friendship and love for Israel!


Mat Staver