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UN Hits New Low

Just when you thought the UN could not possibly sink deeper into anti-Semitism, it plunges to new depths.

I'm sharing the UN's latest outrage with you for one simple reason. It shows why President Trump and Congress must STOP all U.S. taxpayer aid to the UN, an implacable enemy of Israel.

But for that to happen, you and I need to make our voices heard now!

Go here to sign our "Drain the UN Swamp!" petition calling for a total end to U.S. support for the UN.

And please give to help Christians in Defense of Israel keep on fighting on Israel's behalf. Your support of any amount makes a real difference. Thank you! See the latest update below. -Mat

The UN envoy to Lebanon met this week with Hezbollah's second-in-command--a terrorist who wants to snuff out Israel.

Jan Kubis, the UN's "Special Coordinator for Lebanon" tweeted he was

"grateful for an open and substantive discussion on a broad range of topics with Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem of Hizbullah. On top I received a copy of his book -- a necessary reading."

Great. Here's a sample of deep thought from Qassem, Hezbollah's #2 terrorist: "Israel is the enemy of humanity and truth. It cannot coexist with anyone."

The meeting outraged Israel. The nation's security minister, Gilad Erdan, mocked UN envoy Kubis:

"Did you discuss how Hezbollah can continue to... expand its missile arsenal? Or how the UN can help Hezbollah rebuild its terror tunnels? Or does he want your diplomatic advice about where he should murder the next Jew?"

Hezbollah--the name means "party of Allah"--takes its orders from Iran. And like Tehran, it despises Israel, which it wants to destroy.

Hezbollah has 150,000 rockets in southern Lebanon trained on the Jewish state. A Hezbollah manifesto proclaims, "Our struggle will end only when this [Zionist] entity is obliterated."

+ + New low for UN...

The UN sit-down with a blood-thirsty terror group is a new low--but in lockstep with the UN's long habit of siding with Israel's enemies.

Israel discovered and destroyed a network of Hezbollah terror tunnels snaking into Israel last December. But when the Jewish state demanded that the UN Security Council condemn Hezbollah for this act for war, it refused to act.

That's the UN pattern. It goes easy on Israel's enemies but quickly condemns the Jewish state on any pretense.

For example, the UN has never once condemned Hamas, which fires rockets at Israeli civilians from Gaza. Hamas unleashed a barrage of some 700 rockets just weeks ago, killing four and injuring hundreds.

The UN looked the other way. It refused to condemn this heinous assault on civilians, literally a war crime against Israel.

But for Israel, it's a different story. The UN has condemned Israel--the one true democracy in the Middle East--some 700 times.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley declared in frustration that the UN is a place of "outrageously biased resolutions" and "breathtaking double standards."

And that's what you and I get for the nearly $10 billion we taxpayers shell out to the UN annually. It's time for this to stop!

+ + Time to Pull the Plug and Drain the UN Swamp...

It's time to tell President Trump to "Pull the Plug and Drain the UN Swamp!" And the way to do it is by slashing America's massive taxpayer subsidy to this relentlessly anti-Semitic organization.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in demanding a total halt to all American taxpayer support of the UN.

You can do that right now by signing CIDI's "Pull the Plug! Drain the UN Swamp!" petition. By signing, you'll be calling on President Donald Trump and leaders in Congress to end all U.S. funding for the UN.

CLICK HERE NOW to "Drain the UN Swamp!"

And please consider sending a much-needed gift to help us stand with Israel. In thanks for your kind gift, I want to send you our UN exposé, Israel in the Crosshairs: Why America Must Defund the UN Now.

This compelling guide shows you how the UN is riddled with hatred for Israel. And why shutting off the American cash spigot is the only answer.

Let me hear from you right away with your signed petition and gift!

Thank you for your friendship and love for Israel.

Together for Israel,

Mat Staver

P.S. Your tax dollars are funding the UN--a powerful enemy of Israel and ground zero for modern anti-Semitism. But you can help end U.S. support for the UN when you sign the "Drain the UN Swamp!" petition. As you do, please consider a gift to help us aggressively stand for Israel. Thank you!