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Troubling News About Trump Peace Plan

President Trump wowed friends of Israel like you and me last year when he recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. And he did the same just last week when he recognized Israel's claim to the Golan Heights. But now his about-to-be released peace plan will reportedly push for a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem!

You and I need to respond, but time is short because the peace plan will be unveiled just after Israel's April 9 elections. Please pray...and respond right away with your signed petition and gift! - Mat.

I wish I could say this is some kind of April Fool's joke - but it's not.

Instead, it's gut-wrenching and deeply disturbing news. And I'd reject it, except three reputable news organizations have each reported this alarming information.

Citing "an informed source" with access to senior Trump administration officials, the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) issued a bombshell report in January. Echoing earlier dispatches from the Jerusalem Post and Al-Monitor, the JNS revealed the U.S. is about to do the unthinkable...

The much-awaited Trump peace plan, JNS reports, will "recognize a Palestinian state with its capital in eastern Jerusalem." In other words, the Trump administration is about to divide Jerusalem in order to secure a so-called "peace."

In reality, it's about to put a knife in the back of the Jewish state. And hand an undeserved gift to Palestinian leaders who have...

  • paid out millions annually for terror attacks against Israelis
  • indoctrinated young Palestinian students to vehemently hate Jews
  • attacked Israel at the United Nations

Despite all this, President Trump reportedly wants to reward PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas with a Palestinian state on the land God gave "forever to the descendants of Abraham" (2 Chronicles 20:7).

That's a nightmare scenario. But it gets worse.

This so-called peace plan reportedly puts Jerusalem - the city of God - on the auction block. It turns the "holy city" (Isaiah 52:1) into a bargaining chip for the "deal of the century." It divides the city and brings terrorists inside the gates.

And that spells chaos. I hate to say this, but the Trump administration may be about to cross God's red line for His holy city.

The Lord could not be more clear. He is "exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem" (Zech. 1:14). And He promises to "enter into judgment" with those nations who "have divided up my land" (Joel 3:2).

You and I don't want God's judgment on America. And neither, I'm sure, does President Trump. And that's why we must do everything in our power to STOP the Trump peace plan before its release - possibly next week. You and I must act now to warn the Trump administration against making a catastrophic mistake.

Please sign CIDI's "No Deal, Mr. President!" petition. It's a forceful plea to America's most pro-Israel President, urging him not to divide Jerusalem.

And please act right away because time is short.

The White House peace proposal will likely go public after Israel's elections on April 9. That gives us a very short window in which to collect and forward these petitions to the White House. So please respond immediately.

And as you do, I ask you to include a gift to help us fight this battle, as well as everything else we do to bless and defend Israel.

To thank you for your much-needed and timely support, I want to send you our exclusive publication showing why dividing the land is a flawed idea with a long history of failure. And it reveals intriguing new proposals that just might lead to peace. This unique publication is our gift to you in grateful thanks for your gift!

But please let me hear from you right away.

It's an honor and privilege to stand with you in defense of Israel. Thank you for your prayers and your partnerships as we work together in support of Israel!

May God bless you, may God bless the United States, and may God bless the state of Israel!


Mat Staver

P.S. Because time is short I need you to respond quickly with your signed petition. And please consider a gift, as you do, to help us fight for Israel! Thank you.