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Witch hunts target Netanyahu & Trump

Like President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is facing a political witch hunt - one that could drive "Bibi" from office and dramatically change Israel's national direction.

That's why I'm inviting you to sign two special notes of support today - one for Prime Minister Netanyahu and the other for President Trump. Both are champions of Israel, both are under assault, and one click is all it takes to send your encouragement! See my message below. - Mat

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be fighting an indictment for bribery in just days, possibly by tomorrow.

One left-wing Israeli newspaper calls his indictment "inevitable."

Netanyahu calls it a "witch hunt" - and for good reason. What he's facing now is just the latest in a long series of probes launched against him since 1996, when he first served as prime minister.

+ + + Perpetual Target

Netanyahu counts some 22 such probes. One looked into whether Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, were overspending - no joke - on ice cream! Another targeted Sara Netanyahu for supposedly enriching herself with the proceeds from returned bottle deposits.

Entrenched deep state actors in Israel wield enormous political and judicial power - making Prime Minister Netanyahu a perpetual target.

The current allegations fall apart under scrutiny. In two of three cases against Netanyahu, the supposed favors he handed out were not given at all. In a third, Netanyahu's action - entirely legal - was no favor since regulatory policies Netanyahu adopted reportedly helped bankrupt his friend's firm.

But these charges put a cloud over the Prime Minister - just as the "witch hunt" in Washington over President Trump's alleged "collusion" with Russia has been used to batter the President.

+ + + Israel at Risk

The stakes couldn't be higher for Netanyahu. Israeli voters head to the polls on April 9, putting his political future at risk. Even worse, these politically motivated charges could land him behind bars.

And that puts Israel at risk. The man most responsible for Israel's astonishing economic turnaround and its emergence as one of the globe's most innovative and dynamic nations could suffer what amounts to a political coup.

Nothing could make Iran happier.

The radical Islamic nation regularly threatens the Jewish state with annihilation. It is investing billions in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza toward that end. Removing the hawkish Netanyahu would be a dream come true for Tehran. 

Which is why I'm asking you to sign the "I'm standing with Bibi!" note telling the Prime Minister you are supporting and praying for him.

+ + + Act Immediately

Please do so right away because time is short. I want to send this expression of encouragement, with your name and thousands of others, to the Prime Minister well before the April 9 election.

And when you respond, I also ask you to make a much-needed gift to help us fight for Israel and God's chosen people in Washington and across America.

It would be catastrophic for Israel if America abandoned Israel...but it could happen. Anti-Israel - even anti-Semitic - voices are gaining influence on Capitol Hill. We must take them on. That's why your generosity now is so important.

Again, I also invite you to sign our note of support to President Trump. His political enemies have targeted him for impeachment, even criminal indictment. Sign the "I'm Standing with President Trump!" note now!

Please act right away on behalf of both leaders who are vital to Israel's future.

Thank you for making your voice heard and partnering with Christians in Defense of Israel today!


Mat Staver

P.S. Click here to stand with both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump! Join thousands of others in countering the witch-hunts targeting these two powerful advocates for Israel.