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No Aid to Israel’s Enemies! 

Fax Congress NOW to stop Biden from funding Hamas!
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Dear Sir or Madam,

Israel is in a war for national survival against Hamas — an enemy whose stated purpose is the annihilation of Israel. The Jewish state can give no quarter to this cruel and brutal enemy that savagely attacked Israel last Oct. 7 and will do so again and again, unless dismantled and destroyed.

That is why Joe Biden’s cease-fire proposal — backed by the U.N. Security Council — is an outrageous betrayal of Israel’s just war to defeat and destroy Hamas. It is also why it is utter folly to lavish U.S. taxpayer dollars on Palestinians in Gaza or in Judea and Samaria. Such funding supports terror and the killing of Jews.

I am asking you to do all in your power to block Joe Biden foolish plan to impose a cease-fire on Israel before it achieves TOTAL VICTORY against Hamas. And I call on Congress, as well, to eliminate all U.S. aid to Palestinians, whether in Gaza or Judea and Samaria. Palestinian funding is money for terror. End it now!


(Your Name)

A deeply concerned friend of Israel