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America should not give 12 billion dollars a year to the world’s leading bastion of antisemitism — the United Nations.
Demand Congress STOP sending YOUR money to the Israel-hating U.N.

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As a U.S. citizen, a taxpayer, and a friend of Israel, I am calling on Congress to slash U.S. aid to the United Nations to zero — and to do so immediately.

America sends more than 12 billion dollars annually to the United Nations — roughly 22% of the total U.N. budget and far more than any other nation. And yet the U.N. is a relentlessly anti-Israel body. Hamas collaborator UNRWA is the tip of the iceberg. The U.N. singles out Israel — the Middle East’s one democracy — for harsh, unreasonable, and unrelenting condemnation. And it does all this with the financial support of the United States. The time for this to end is NOW. Please END ALL TAXPAYER FUNDING TO THE ANTI-ISRAEL U.N.!


(Your Name)

A deeply concerned friend of Israel