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No U.S. Tax Dollars to Palestinians!

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Dear Senator:

Joe Biden could not be more wrong. Determined to restart peace talks and work a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, he is pressing hard to send millions in U.S. tax dollars to the terror-funding Palestinian Authority. It is unconscionable that Biden is even thinking of doing this to Israel, which must defend itself against the vicious terrorists to whom Mahmoud Abbas already gives some $350 million annually!

The Palestinian leadership—PA, PLO and FATAH—are open enemies of Israel. They fund terror attacks on Israelis. They demonize Israel and Jews through official PA media. They are riddled with corruption. And they are dedicated to eliminating Israel, replacing the world's one and only Jewish state with "Palestine" from the river to the sea.

That is why, as a taxpaying American citizen, I am calling on you to do all in your power to block Biden's wrongheaded and reckless plan to fund the Palestinians—a plan in open defiance of the federal Taylor Force Act.

Please speak out and act right away. And I ask you to reply in writing to Christians in Defense of Israel to confirm you will! Thank you!

May God bless America and may God bless His chosen nation, Israel!


(Your Name)

A concerned friend of the Jewish people