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Fax the Senate Today to Stop Anti-Israel Proposals!

Democrats on Capitol Hill want to reverse President Trump's Israel policy. And they're using the massive appropriations package in the House to do it. What they want will harm Israel--and could even foster terror attacks on Jewish Israelis.

That's why you and I must make our voice heard now. And you can do that today using CIDI's fax Congress service.

The Senate is the one place where this can be stopped--but that won't happen unless we speak out. You can do that right now by sending a pre-written fax telling senators to remove these anti-Israel provisions from the "Megabus #1" appropriations package when it arrives from the House.

Time is short. Please act right away! And as you do, your generous support is vital and much-appreciated. It will immediately be put to use fighting for Israel on Capitol Hill, nationwide and in the Middle East.


Stop Anti-Israel Proposals

Dear Senator:

HR 2740, the House "Megabus #1" appropriations package includes several dangerous anti-Israel proposals that will reverse current Trump policy and harm Israel and Israeli Jews.

I am asking you to use your voice and authority to oppose and strip out the following misguided and harmful provisions:

1. Failed Two-State Solution. The appropriations package endorses the so-called "two-state solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This failed idea—also known as "land for peace"—has repeatedly proven to be disastrous. Worse, bloodshed has followed its implementation. When Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005, ceding the coastal strip in a naive bid for peace, Palestinians showed their gratitude by showering the Jewish state with rockets and missiles.

2. Millions in Palestinian aid. President Trump slashed aid in 2018 to the Palestinian Authority which pays out millions to Palestinians who attack and kill Israelis. But the Democrats' appropriations package rewards Palestinian intransigence with $226 million in aid. These taxpayer dollars are designated for humanitarian and development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza. But the money could easily help fund terror attacks on Israelis or Americans.

This is especially outrageous because the family of the killer of American Taylor Force is now the recipient of regular payments from the Palestinian Authority. And because money is fungible, aid to Palestinians will only reduce fiscal pressure on the Palestinians and facilitate their horrible "pay to slay" program which provided $340 million to Palestinian terrorists in 2018.

Again, please oppose and do everything in your power to eliminate these dangerous, anti-Israel provisions from the "Megabus #1" appropriations package.

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Make your voice heard by faxing the senate leadership (4 faxes)! Enter a donation amount of $5 or more above and GIVE to Send your faxes today!


Make a bigger difference by faxing the previous option plus the Senate Appropriations Committee (33 faxes)! Enter a donation amount of $35 or more and click GIVE to Send your faxes today!


Make the biggest impact by faxing both of the previous options plus the Senate Minority Leader and key pro-Israel Democrats! Enter a donation amount of $59 or more and click GIVE to Send your faxes today!